Meet the 'it' plant of 2019 — and see how it looks in your home

Photography: Annette O’Brien, Styling: Alana Langan. Instagram: @ivymuse_melb

Fiddle leaf fig trees are huge. And I’m not just talking size (even though they can grow to 10 feet tall). In the world of plants, fiddle leaf figs are celebrities. They’re hot. They’re trendy. They’re all over Instagram. Decor magazines feature them in wildly beautiful rooms. People just can’t get enough.

What’s the appeal? Just look at it! The big, violin-shaped leaves are so graphic and gorgeous, it’s like adding a piece of sculpture to your room. They’re grand and glossy, and make a space shine by offering dramatic impact and a boatload of green. Whimsical yet commanding, they work in every style of space, from midcentury modern TV rooms to traditional entryways.

A ficus tree

Want to see how the fiddle leaf fig would look in your home? Click the image below from your iPhone to see it in augmented reality!

Virtually ‘place’ the plant in your space by following these steps:

  • Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS

  • Tap the image above

  • Wait a few moments for the experience to load

  • At the top of the screen, tap “Object” to see the plant in 3D, or “AR” to see it in your home

  • Hold your phone at waist level, point it wherever you’re thinking of placing the plant, and a life-size version will appear!

Virtually ‘place’ the fiddle leaf fig in your home using an iPhone.

I’ve wanted to buy a fiddle leaf fig for awhile, to see what all the fuss was about. But I never felt like lugging one home from the plant store. When I found out that Amazon sells live plants, I knew it was the right time. Score!

I was a bit skeptical of ordering a living creature through the internet, however. I just wasn’t sure what condition it would arrive in. And I wouldn’t be able to pick the exact plant that spoke to my soul (I know, I’m so dramatic.) But I decided that the convenience, the price—$30 for a 2-footer—and free shipping fee was worth it.

I was right. My new plant baby, direct from Costa Farms, arrived in two days, well-packaged in a box labeled with all the good cautious stuff (handle with care, keep upright, you get the idea). Instructions on the top of the box told me to take it out by the brown paper that surrounded the plant rather than the leaves, and to place the tree in a sunny spot.

The fiddle leaf fig in a bedroom (Photo: Getty)

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When I lifted the fiddle leaf fig (or ficus lyrata, if you want to be all formal about it) out into the light of day, I couldn’t have been more delighted. My little guy is beautiful! It arrived with 10 large, full, healthy leaves and no visible imperfections. It’s not huge—about 23 inches high—but I’m ok with that. I live in a small apartment and don’t want a tree to crowd me out. Plus, fiddle leaf figs spread out as they grow. It came housed in a basic black planter, so I transferred it to a pretty pot, placed it in an empty spot that was begging for a purpose, and rooted for it to do well.

So far so good. I’ve heard that fiddle leaf figs can be finicky, and a few reviewers said their plant didn’t fare so well, but mine is doing great and seems happy in his new home. It makes my space feel more perky and alive, too. I water it about once a week (when the soil feels dry to the touch) and I can handle that level of commitment. I’m thrilled to finally have a houseplant that runs with the cool kids, and I get a jolt of joy every time I glance in its direction.

Ordering a plant online was new for me, but I’m happy I took the ‘leaf’ of faith.

Shop it: Costa Farms 10PAN Ficus Lyrata (Pandurata) Indoor Tree, $30,

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