Meet the ‘redhead with bedhead.’ See adorable photos of Orangutan and her newborn girl

A first-time mama sumatran orangutan giving birth to a baby girl is providing “an invaluable boost to the Critically Endangered species,” a Colorado zoo said.

And the family photos are providing adorable memories that will warm your heart.

The Denver Zoo and the mama named Eirina welcomed the birth of a baby sumatran orangutan on Aug. 27, according to an Aug. 31 news release by the zoo.

The “redhead with bedhead,” who doesn’t have a name yet, is part of the Sumatran Orangutan Species Survival Plan and is living with her mom at the zoo’s Great Apes habitat, officials said.

“This makes my heart sing!”, one commenter wrote on the zoo’s Facebook page.

“This baby is so very precious & absolutely adorable! Eirina looks like she will be an excellent Mother.”, another commenter said.

Sumatrans, a critically endangered species, are seeing a decline in population due to illegal hunting, black-market pet trade and habitat loss, the release said.

Animal specialists will conduct a DNA test to figure out whether the baby’s father is Berani, 30, or Jaya, 15, the release said.

Eirina came to the zoo from the Dortmund Zoo in Germany in 2016 and made headlines after her pregnancy announcement in April when animal care specialist Cindy Cossaboon soothed Eirina’s morning sickness with the same tea Cossaboon drank when she was pregnant, zoo officials said.

The zoo said guests are now able to visit the “little bundle of joy” and her mama as they continue to bond.

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