Meet Sunder Ramu, Indian Man Who Has Gone on Dates With 335 Women

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An actor and a photographer by profession, Chennai-based Sunder Ramu is also known as a serial dater. A look at his Facebook profile and you will see him documenting his dates with women from all walks of life –from an 88-year-old Irish nun to a 90-year-old Bengali woman who had travelled several countries in her youth. Till now, he has gone out on dates with 335 women and his goal is to reach 365.

Ramu’s ambition of going out on 365 dates is not to find love, but something completely different. Speaking to BBC, the actor said that he is an “absolute romantic” and is seeking love every day, but the idea behind 365 dates is not to find women. A former theatre artist, Ramu told BBC that he is trying to raise awareness about women’s rights in India.

The 365 dates project was started by Ramu on January 1, 2015. What inspired Ramu to start this project was the Delhi gang-rape case of December 2012. Ramu told the news portal that the incident “churned” his stomach and he could not sleep for many nights. At that point, Ramu wondered that people always think that reforming the attitude towards women is the job of someone else, like the government or the NGOs. However, for Ramu, the question was what could he do to make a difference.

This question inspired Ramu to start with the 365 dates project. For one of the dates, Ramu went for a meal with Irish nun Sister Loreto. In a detailed Facebook post, Ramu presented the story behind the woman and what she was like. A part of the caption read, “On the drive to the Presentation Convent Perambur,I was filled in on the incredible journey of a lady who came to the shores of British ruled India while she was still a young 16-year-old girl and embraced this country as her own, teaching generations of children for most of her 70 and odd years here.”

The date included a hot cup of tea from Ireland and cheese crackers, as the two talked about “love being without religion, about technology taking over humanity and about deteriorating family values.”

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