Meet the top 10 coaches on a mission to help entrepreneurs build online businesses during the pandemic

10 Business Coaches

10 Business Coaches on a mission to help entrepreneurs build online businesses during the pandemic
10 Business Coaches on a mission to help entrepreneurs build online businesses during the pandemic
10 Business Coaches on a mission to help entrepreneurs build online businesses during the pandemic

London, Nov. 12, 2020 // Taking your business online has never been more important as we face unprecedented times and mounting pressure to continuously adapt.

The increasing number of people opening their minds to the prospect of entrepreneurship thanks to the global rise in unemployment, coupled with a wave of existing business owners pushed to embrace e-commerce as they look to survive the pandemic, is driving huge demand for expertise in navigating the online space.

According to Bloom Communications, finding a coach or a mentor is of the utmost importance when looking to transform your business — take a look at our top 10 coaches leading the way.

Shana Recker (@shanarecker)

Shana Recker is a Canadian business coach with a unique system to take entrepreneurs from the early idea stage to launching their online businesses.

After catching the entrepreneurial bug in 2010 through network marketing, Shana wanted to transition into online coaching in 2015 — but it took a full year before she would take the leap.

Shana comments: “I experienced fear and doubt before launching my coaching business — so much so that just getting started was one of my greatest achievements. I hired a coach to help me get started and it made everything so much easier. It makes me sad to see people not going all-in on their dream business because of imposter syndrome.

“I loved the process of creating my online business so much and am endlessly grateful for the life it has given me — this is a big reason why I’m so driven to help others turn their passion into a part-time or full-time income, just like I did.”

Shana continues to help women find their path to living their best life with her self-paced monthly memberships and 12-week group coaching package. The self-confessed Law of Attraction junkie teaches new entrepreneurs everything they need to launch their own successful online coaching or course creation businesses with her proven 5-phase step-by-step process.

Tiffany Napper (@tiffanynapper)

Nashville-based Holistic Business Coach Tiffany Napper specializes in helping ambitious, creative entrepreneurs turn their sense of overwhelm into inspired purpose and build sustainable creative empires.

After launching her entertainment and wellness PR agency in 2011, Tiffany, a 4x entrepreneur, created the Upleveler Society program in 2020, where she runs a group coaching program for female CEOs who feel bound by exhaustive to-do lists or paralyzed by ideas that feel unachievable.

Through her experience and knowledge of running four profitable businesses through hustle and heart alone — without any loans or investments — Tiffany helps her clients transform from fearful to fearless and run successful businesses with ease and a clear purpose by following her Uplevel Method.

Tiffany said: “My clients often move from side hustle to full-time hustle, from five-figures all the way up to multi-six figures — because we create a plan that is aligned with their hearts and on a clear track for growth.

“Not only that, but energetically they also feel a greater sense of peace, wake up with more energy and a positive outlook, treat themselves with more compassion and welcome more loving relationships into their lives because they know their worth. The monetary shifts are amazing, but sustainability is about so much more than just dollars.”

Christina Sambak (@christina_sambak)

Christina Sambak is on a mission to help new coaches and consultants launch profitable online businesses and bring in consistent clients — all without the freebies, webinars and trial & error overwhelm that so many face in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journeys.

The Miami-based business coach’s program gives her clients a proven roadmap to launch a successful business, ditch their 9-5 and create the life they’re dreaming of.

Christina said: “I launched my coaching practice just before the pandemic hit and was over the moon to be working with multiple clients just a few months after starting. I love to share my strategies with other coaches and watch them thrive too.

“I feel like my business sparks so much positivity as I know just how much of an impact all of my clients will go on to have in the world. There’s genuinely no better feeling than watching others succeed — and I’m so lucky that I get to do that on a daily basis.”

Chijioke Emeka (@chijiokeemeka_)

Chijioke Emeka brings her strong background in leadership, mentorship, organizing and activism to her business coaching practice.

Chijioke explains: “I’m empowered by all the amazingly driven, hardworking women who came before me that helped me to realize that as women we can do anything we set our minds to — the only person standing in our way is ourselves. I see businesses as a way to be able to show the world everything we have to offer and create generational wealth — it is our duty to become the best version of ourselves and leave the world better than we found it.”

A true example of what’s achievable with focus and drive, Chijioke is a full-time pharmacy student as well as an entrepreneur — but this doesn’t stop her showing up 100% for her clients.

Her impressive product suite includes an 8-week business accelerator, a 3-month 1:1 mentorship intensive, rebranding services and organisational tools to help as many women as possible tap into their fullest potential and start applying pressure to their lives. Her latest launch — Instagram for Creatives — is a workbook perfectly suited to people looking to grow and expand their business or brand through social media and networking.

Specialising in social media growth, Chijioke works with aspirational, young, professional women looking to step up and enter their next level in life to start businesses from scratch.

Sara Wiles (@sara_wiles)

Working from her home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Sara Wiles specializes in helping women to translate their corporate skills and experience into virtual support businesses, giving them the tools they need to build intentional companies that fit into their lives — not the other way around.

This cause is particularly close to Sara’s heart, as it was a tearful revelation that she’d had enough of not feeling present in her baby son’s life that caused her to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

She said: “Before starting my business, I remember feeling completely desperate and drowning in the corporate grind and 24/7 emails. I made the decision then and there that I was going to take charge of what I wanted my career and my life to look like. I was ready to live life on my terms and I know so many other women feel the exact same way.”

Today, Sara has replaced her corporate income by working in her business part-time and is thriving in a fulfilled, balanced and fun life with her family. She coaches online done-for-you service providers like Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers to start and scale their businesses — whilst creating better lives outside of their businesses too — in weeks rather than years through a blend of 1:1 coaching, courses and memberships.

Courtney Womack (@courtneycwomack)

Courtney Womack uses a signature blend of simple business strategy with manifestation and Law of Attraction techniques to teach service-based digital entrepreneurs to attract their dream clients.

Her 1:1 coaching services use transformational identity techniques, deep mindset work and uncomplicated business methods to enable people to create a business that supports their most desirable lifestyle — whether that be generating the income they need to travel the world or simply having the freedom to take their kids to school.

The Business and Lifestyle Design Coach and Master NLP Practitioner said: “I’m a rebellious spirit and have always been willing to take a chance — and for me, that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. The moment you realise that you can help others — and that the transformation, knowledge and experience you have can genuinely change the trajectory of someone else’s life and yours at the same time is incredibly special and it’s what drives me forward every day.”

Currently studying for her Bachelor’s degree and MBA as well as running her business, Courtney has big dreams and is focused on creating an inclusive and diverse empire.

She added: “I want to create an opportunity for black women to finally get the recognition they deserve. When I started my business, I struggled to find inspiration and information from people who looked like me — so I’m committed to stepping into that role and amplifying that light.”

Kari Russell (@karirussellcoaching)

Ontario-based Kari Russell is an Energetic Business Coach on a mission to help soul-centered entrepreneurs step into their power in a big way.

Kari comments: “My clients all desire more freedom, ease and alignment — in life and in business. The magic happens when we can get out of comparison and competition mode and focus on personal power.

“I’m a big believer that our work can feel authentic, aligned and fun — which is why I use my signature blend of Human Design, mindset and emotional intelligence to help entrepreneurs understand themselves on a soul level and build everything up from there.”

Kari has personally benefited from this process so much — think working less, spending more time with her children and replacing her corporate income six times over — and is passionate about helping others to enjoy the same success through her range of 1:1 and group programs.

Kia Abrera (@kia_abrera)

Kia Abrera fell in love with entrepreneurship in 2014 when she launched creative communications company, Braveworks Inc., with her husband, Mel.

After creating impactful video and creative campaigns for a wide range of global clients, she started coaching and consultancy for her corporate and city clients in 2018 and officially launched her latest program in 2020.

Kia said: “Through the latest program, we want to help small online businesses — from freelancers to content creators, side hustlers to coaches and consultants — to leverage videos through our proven strategy so they can create massive impact, profit and freedom.

“We specialize in helping entrepreneurs to make their mark with minimal resources and have recently put a business on track to hit Php 1 billion ($20 Million) in sales. Nothing beats the buzz of seeing your clients succeed!”

The Philippines-based business coach offers her pilot 12-week coaching program helping entrepreneurs to turn DIY videos into business scaling machines, one-off strategy sessions and customized 4, 8 and 12 hour group programs.

Ana Patricia Bourgeois (

Ambitious female leaders looking to step into their full power and achieve next level wealth are well matched when they meet online business coach, Ana Patricia Bourgeois.

Based in Quebec, Ana launched her first business — a digital marketing agency — back in 2017, after realising she wanted to do more with her life than work in a 9-5 simply to pay the bills.

Ana said: “I knew I had a bigger purpose to help women step out of struggle and into financial independence and wealth because I saw the struggle first hand growing up and I knew there was a better way. I got my certification and launched my coaching business in 2019. It was the best decision I ever made and I absolutely love watching my clients crush their goals — one recently made $7,820 in less than 30 days & decided to quit her corporate job!

“My big vision is to inspire women all around the world to stop hiding & playing small, take massive aligned action and design the lives they truly desire.”

Today, Ana Patricia specializes in giving coaches and service providers the exact steps they need to take to start generating consistent income online using her unique combination of business strategy and mindset work.

Stephanie Srikandi (@startyourfashionbusiness)

Stephanie Srikandi stepped into the world of entrepreneurship in 2010 after realising she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life waking up everyday to bring someone else’s dream to life.

The past decade has since seen her launch her sustainable fashion brand, THIS IS A LOVE SONG, featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Forbes, and an ethical garment production and consultation business, TIALS Studio where she helps her 1:1 clients in expanding their fashion business. Through her work as a brand consultant and brand owner, she discovered specific strategies and her signature start and scale method which she teaches inside her latest business coaching practice, Start Your Fashion Business.

Stephanie said: “The past ten years, I have helped so many clients in scaling their businesses to 6 figures using the strategies I have implemented in my own brand, and I’ve learned so many valuable lessons along the way. I created the Start Your Fashion Business online course in 2020 to help aspiring fashion entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses and struggling brand owners to really get the needle moving — all without making the same mistakes that I did along the way.”

Stephanie’s 8-week online accelerator program helps entrepreneurs to launch fashion brands that stand out in the market and scale them to 6 figures. With her accelerator program, she can take anyone with ‘an idea’ to confidently build their dream fashion business that provides them financial freedom and location independence.

You can keep up with each of these inspirational coaches curated by Bloom Communications on their journeys by following them on Instagram.

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