Meet the woman with the world's longest eyelashes

The Guinness World Records has released its 2018 book of records with it a fresh crop of incredible, bizarre and downright absurd record holders.

But perhaps one of this year’s most eye-catching honourees is You Jian Xia who was given the title of “world’s longest eyelash.”

Before we show you a picture of You’s record-breaking lashes, here’s a reminder of what average eyelashes look like.

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Photo: Getty

Even the fiercest fluttery falsies have nothing on You’s eyelashes.

Now, what we’re all here for. Here’s You’s lashes in all their cheek-grazing glory.

So many questions! How does she blink? Do her eyelids feel heavy? Do they get tangled? (Photo: Guinness World Records)

Her longest lash measures 4.88 inches long, more than 12 times the length of an average eyelash!

The 49-year-old from Changzhou, China first noticed the lashes on her left eyelid growing longer than usual on an 18-month long nature retreat in 2013. As for how she grows and maintains her unusual lashes, You doesn’t say.

Photo: Guinness World Records

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Other lengthy achievements include Ayanna Williams, from Houston, Texas, who has the world’s longest nails measuring 18 feet and 10.9 inches and Cygnus the cat, from Ferndale, Mich., with a 17.58-inch tail.

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