Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly: A Complete Relationship Timeline

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Megan Fox and Colson Baker, a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly, are still holding on after months of breakup rumors. The pair met on the set of a movie in 2020 while Fox was still married to Brian Austin Green (they had quietly separated back in 2019) and quickly became one of Hollywood's most ostentatious couples.

From music video cameos to a bloodthirsty engagement to a very cryptic Instagram post, here is Megan Fox and MGK’s complete relationship timeline…so far.


March 2020: Fox and Baker meet early in 2020 while filming Midnight In the Switchgrass, but things reportedly start heating up after production shuts down due to COVID-19. “They’ve been hanging out a lot since their movie was shut down,” a source told E! News in June. “The downtime has been good for them…. They are intrigued by each other and having a lot of fun.”

May 2020: After photos surfaced of Fox and MGK, the actor’s husband of 10 years confirms their split. Green said the breakup had happened after Fox returned from filming a project in late 2019. “She said, ‘I realized when I was out of the country working alone that I feel more like myself and I liked myself better during that experience and I think that might be something worth trying for me,’” he said on his podcast, per People. “I was shocked and I was upset about it, but I can’t be upset at her because she didn’t ask to feel that way. It wasn’t a choice she made, that’s the way she honestly felt. We talked about it a little more and said, ‘Let’s separate for a bit’…and so we did.” He went on to say the couple is still friends and that “we’ve had an amazing relationship and I will always love her and I know she’ll always love me.”

Later in May, Fox starred in the official Machine Gun Kelly music video for “Bloody Valentine,” fueling more rumors.

June 2020: Baker quotes a “Bloody Valentine” lyric in a tweet, writing “‘I’m calling you girlfriend, what the fuck,’” noting that “life imitated art on that one.”

The pair were later spotted holding hands in photos from June 25.

July 2020: In their first joint interview, Fox says she felt a deep connection between them by day two of filming. “I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame,” she says on Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s podcast, Give Them Lala ... With Randall, per Entertainment Tonight. “Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away.”

On July 28 the couple goes Instagram official. “Waited for eternity to find you again ... 🔪💫❤️🔪,” Colson wrote on Instagram alongside a mirror selfie with Fox.

August 2020: Baker finally shows up on Fox’s feed on August 5. “Achingly Beautiful Boy... My heart is yours 🔪♥️🔪,” she wrote alongside another mirror selfie. The post has since been deleted.

Baker basically takes himself right off the market in a Thirst Tweets video for Buzzfeed. “Machine gun kelly I just wanna let you know am free this Sunday to go on a date just let me know if ur free Sunday cause I am free and would like to take you on a date,” one fan had tweeted, to which he replied, “I’m locked in already right now. No dates for me. Probably ever.”

September 2020: A source tells Us Weekly that Machine Gun Kelly has met Fox’s three kids. “MGK has met Megan’s kids, but Brian is pretty protective of them,” the source said. “Megan and Brian’s relationship is so up and down. They have been co-parenting in a healthy way as best as they can.”

On September 23, Baker tells Howard Stern, that he “didn’t know what [true love] was until me and her made eye contact,” according to E!. “That’s when I was like, ‘Whoa.’”


January 2021: Fox and Baker spark engagement rumors in late January after she is spotted wearing a sparkly ring on that finger, but she seemingly hits back by wearing a “Fuck You” ring on Instagram Stories shortly after.

March 2021: What happens in Vegas rarely stays in Vegas. On Saturday, March 27, the actor and rapper are seen on a double date with Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, which feels very on-brand.

May 2021: The couple make headlines when they show up to the Billboard Music Awards looking like pure fire. See for yourself:

<h1 class="title">2021 Billboard Music Awards - Backstage</h1><cite class="credit">Rich Fury</cite>

2021 Billboard Music Awards - Backstage

Rich Fury

Baker marks the one-year anniversary of Fox saying those three important words on Twitter on May 25.

In late May, Machine Gun Kelly performs at an Indy 500 party, and Megan Fox makes a special appearance. According to E!, when he performed his song “I Think I’m Okay,” people were chanting “Megan” until she joined him on stage. You can see a video here.

“She came out after everyone was chanting ‘Megan’ for some time,” a source told E!. “Then she did stay on the stage in the background for the whole song.”

<h1 class="title">Barstool 500</h1><cite class="credit">Michael Hickey</cite>

Barstool 500

Michael Hickey

June 2021: After the success of that one show, it seemed Fox would be joining Baker on tour. According to a source that spoke with Entertainment Tonight, the pair “are pretty inseparable” at the moment.

That’s not all. “MGK would love to start a family with Megan someday, but right now doesn’t seem to be the time in terms of scheduling,” the source told ET. “As far as engagement goes, it is likely that this will happen sooner than later, and it has been a topic of conversation without question.”

July 2021: In a new profile for The Washington Post, Fox reiterates that she knew Baker was her soulmate immediately. “The first time I looked into his eyes, I was like, ‘I know you. I have known you so many times, in so many different forms, in so many different lives,’” she said, adding she “wasn’t expecting it’d be like, ‘God, you are my soul mate,’ instantly.”

She also revealed the nicknames she has for the performer during an appearance on Fox 5 New York this week, including Cookie, Buddha, and Booby.

September 2021: The couple spark engagement rumors yet again when Fox reportedly wears a “ring on that special finger” to her boyfriend’s VMAs rehearsal on September 8. A source told Us Weekly that there will be a “surprise announcement” during Machine Gun Kelly’s actual performance on September 12. MGK will be performing his single “Papercuts” with Travis Barker, who at the time was at the center of some engagement rumors of his own.

At the 2021 MTV VMAs, Fox refers to Machine Gun Kelly as her “future baby daddy.” (She also used the same label for Travis Barker in reference to Kourtney Kardashian. Do what you will with that information.)

December 2021: Following a late-night interview where MGK wore Fox’s face on his shirt, the pair went out in matching black suit jackets for the release of his new UN/DN LAQR nail polish line. Nothing underneath the jackets except a bit of jewelry, of course. Also, look closely and you'll notice that they were chained together via their nails.

<h1 class="title">Machine Gun Kelly's UN/DN LAQR Launch Event</h1><cite class="credit">Getty</cite>

Machine Gun Kelly's UN/DN LAQR Launch Event



January 2022: MGK and Megan Fox are officially engaged! The rapper proposed on January 11 and Fox shared the exciting news a day later with her usual dramatic flair.

“As in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes,” Fox wrote in the caption of the proposal video, in part. "And then we drank each other’s blood.”(The experts have weighed in. Do not drink your partner’s blood.) The post has since been deleted.

You can read about the meaning behind the custom engagement ring here.

February 2022: During an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, MGK shares some wedding planning struggles—namely, finding a venue that can build the gothic “red river” that he has envisioned for his nuptials. He added, “The location is hard, trying to find a spot that’s matching my artistic [vision].”

Do you think it’s a blood thing again?

April 22, 2022: Fox shares an intense birthday tribute to MGK. “Today your mom told us that you were born a month early (you were SO meant to be a Gemini, you charming mercurial Svengali) and as a baby you were both ‘cuddly and fussy at the same time’ and I couldn’t have imagined a more apt description of you,” Fox began her Instagram message on April 22, alongside a sweet photo of MGK (born Colson Baker) giving her a piggyback ride. She also requested a shirt be made for the rapper that says “cuddly and fussy.”

She continued, “The world has no idea what a gentle, beautiful heart you have. How generous and how thoughtful you are…How absurdly strange and smart and witty you are…You are by far the most unique human I have ever met. And if I could get the boy who has everything something special for his birthday - I would lift the veil off of their eyes so they could see what I see.”

Megan Fox ended her birthday tribute by calling MGK a “gorgeous soul,” adding, “I’m honored to love you and to be the recipient of your love. Happy Birthday love of my life ❤️‍🩹.”

April 26, 2022: Fox confirms the whole blood-drinking thing. “It’s just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only,” Fox tells Glamour UK.

May 15, 2022: MGK sparks elopement rumors at the Billboard Music Awards when he calls Fox his “wife” and dedicates his song “Two Flames” to “our unborn child.” Fox later says she cut a hole in her red-carpet dress so she could have sex with MGK….

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on May 15, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2022 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on May 15, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

May 16, 2022: MGK unveils their matching voodoo doll tattoos on their ring fingers.

August 17, 2022: After weeks of breakup rumors, TMZ reports the pair are still going strong.

October 26, 2022: Fox thirsts over MGK in his Instagram comments. “Never has anyone with better bone structure walked this earth😍Exquisitely, devastatingly handsome,” she writes. “And 6 foot 5? Kill me or get me pregnant. Those are the only options.”

December 30, 2022: Fox causes a frenzy on Instagram when she posts selfies with the caption, “Currently seeking a girlfriend. Please submit applications in the DMs.”

MGK replies, “I don’t think you have the filing capacity for this request.”


February 9, 2023: Megan Fox praises MGK for the way he handled his first Grammys loss. “You have handled this process with a grace and maturity that I haven’t seen from you before and I’m so proud of you,” she wrote on Instagram, per BuzzFeed. “Although [awards] will come… and this is irrelevant I guess but I will just never ever get over how beautiful your face is. I hope one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you. I love you and I’ll keep this memory of you forever.”

February 12, 2023: In an abrupt turn of events, Fox reportedly unfollows MGK and deletes all photos of him from Instagram. “You can taste the dishonesty/it’s all over your breath,” she quoted Beyoncé’s album Lemonade in the caption of a cryptic post.

“He probably got with Sophie,” a follower guessed in the comments, presumably referencing his band's guitarist, Sophie Lloyd. Fox quickly replied: “Maybe I got with Sophie.”

Hours later, Fox’s entire profile appeared to have been scrubbed from Instagram.

<cite class="credit">Instagram</cite>

February 13, 2023: A source tells People that Fox has removed her engagement ring. “Megan is very upset. They had a fight over the weekend and Megan won’t speak to him,” the insider says, adding, “They have had issues in the past, but things seem pretty serious this time.”

However, the source says that the pair “haven’t officially called off the engagement.”

February 17, 2023: A source tells Page Six that Fox found DMs and text messages on MGK’s phone that led her to “believe he has been having an affair.” According to the insider, the pair have “broken up” but Fox “wants to see what they can salvage.” They also say MGK “really wants to make up.”

March 22, 2023: No official breakup announcement has surfaced, but a source shares details with Us Weekly about where the couple stands now—and it doesn’t look good. “Megan and MGK are currently on a break but are still in contact. They are very hot and cold,” said the source. Ross and Rachel were on a break, and look how that turned out.

“They have stalled wedding planning to work on their issues,” the source said. “Their relationship is pretty volatile at the moment. They are currently off, but still texting each other.”

March 24, 2023: A source tells People that the pair are “in therapy” but Fox is “having a hard time trusting” MGK. “This is really boiling down to not working,” the source says. “There have been points where they haven’t been speaking, it’s been that bad.”

Another source told the publication that reconciliation looks “pretty unlikely right now.”

April 3, 2023: What a difference a week can make! On April 3 the pair are photographed having dinner in Hawaii, though there were no signs of PDA.

April 6, 2023: A source tells Entertainment Tonight that MGK is “going out of his way” to prove himself to Fox. “Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have been making an effort to work out their issues as a couple and things have been getting better,” the source said. “Machine Gun Kelly has been going out of his way to make sure Megan feels happy, loved, and secure with him.”

The source continued, “They enjoy being together and love one another, so they are trying to get to a good and solid place. They both have so much fun together and feel comfortable with one another, and that hasn’t changed.”

April 7, 2023: The Daily Mail publishes photos of Fox and MGK holding hands in Hawaii. “They’re officially back on after going through a rocky patch in their relationship,” a source told the Daily Mail. “The last few months [have] been tough for them both but they went away together to do some healing and it’s been working. They feel more connected than ever.”

The source added, “Megan is extremely spiritual and believes that Colson is her soulmate. She was never going to give up on them but felt as though they needed to spend some quality time together.”

April 21, 2023: Fox is absent from MGK’s 33rd birthday bash but reportedly sent him a Norwegian dessert called a Kransekake in honor of his heritage.

May 18, 2023: The pair walk the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue red carpet separately.

<h1 class="title">2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Launch</h1><cite class="credit">Gotham</cite>

2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Launch

<h1 class="title">2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Launch</h1><cite class="credit">Gotham</cite>

2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Launch


“They are slowly working on reconciling but he’s totally in the dog house still,” a source tells People. “He’s doing whatever he can to get her back, and she’s making him work for it. It’s still an unhealthy dynamic though, and their friends just don’t see this lasting.”

The wedding “remains halted,” says the source, adding, “He has a lot of proving himself to do, and he doesn’t want to give her up. He is great with her kids and super hands-on. It’s a work in progress.”

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