Megan Mullally bought her own red carpet gown after being snubbed by designers

Megan Mullally. Image via Getty Images.

Megan Mullally is pulling back the curtain on the fickle relationship between Hollywood and fashion designers.

On Sunday, the 60-year-old “Will & Grace” star hosted the 25th Screen Actors Guild awards. Despite being the woman of the evening, Mullally revealed that several designers declined to dress her for the broadcast.

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As she arrived on the silver carpet ahead of the show, Mullally told reporters that she purchased her black and gold Alexander McQueen gown online.

Image via Getty Images.

I always pick out clothes online and buy my own stuff because first of all I like it because I can just wear what I want to wear but also the major designers are not interested in sending me any dresses,” she told Access Hollywood

While most designers send over pieces to celebrities in exchange for promotion, in December of last year, Mullally revealed she typically has to buy her own clothing for events.

In an Instagram post, Mullally announced her hosting duties and said she was scrambling to find a dress to wear.

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“I’m online scrolling through the gowns sections of various websites, which I know how to do pretty well at this point,” the actress wrote. “Then I tried to order something from Saks Fifth Avenue and they cancelled my order!”

On the red carpet, the comedienne said that even after she shared her post to Instagram, none of the name designers failed to step up to the plate.

“Alexander McQueen did send two dresses but they didn’t work out, but this is an Alexander McQueen dress that I bought online,” she told reporters. “I said ‘I am literally hosting. There is a 100 percent chance that I will be on camera.’ But people were like, ‘No, no thanks.'”

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But that’s OK,” Mullally added. “I think it’s funny but I think it’s interesting for people to know that because I think everybody in the general public thinks well everybody is getting dresses thrown at them left and right, but that’s not actually the case.”

Mullally changed into a copper dress by Galvan London for the broadcast.

The designer drama comes less than a week after Bebe Rexha made headlines for saying designers won’t dress her for the upcoming Grammy Awards because she’s a size 8.

I think that’s s—t!…I don’t like it. If you’re not the right age or not the right size or not the right level of coolness or whatever it is, I mean I think it should be a little more egalitarian. But I’m not bitter about it at all,” Mullally said about Rexha’s claim. “I’m actually glad I don’t have to deal with a lot of different personalities. I can just go online and be like, ‘I like that one!'”

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