Meghan and Harry should be 'less Hollywood' royal expert claims

Caroline Allen
A royal expert believes that the pair need lessons on how to become more royal. [Photo: Getty]

Royal expert, Caroline Frost, has claimed that palace officials, who eased Camilla into the spotlight, should now do the same for Meghan and Harry.

In order to gain “acceptance by the public” Frost believes that the Duchess of Cornwall’s presence slowly increased at official events.

Now, she says it’s the palace’s job to encourage Meghan and Harry to become “less Hollywood glamour and more royal”, helping them to follow in the footsteps of Camilla.

The expert used the couple’s recent christening portrait to emphasise her point. Speaking to Sky News she claimed the black and white style of the photo was too “stylised”.

Caroline Frost believed the black and white shot of Archie's christening was too "Hollywood glamour". [Photo: Getty]

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“People have been making some very civilised and cunning manoeuvres to put Camilla in the public eye, and to basically all round praise and approval.” Frost said.

“So I would hope they would get somebody in who will say [to Harry and Meghan] 'let's just ease off on the Hollywood glamour, bit more royalty'.”

The portrait Frost referred to was shared on Meghan and Harry’s joint Instagram page along with a family shot.

Despite the photo amassing almost 3 million likes, some people were quick to judge the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their choice of black and white image.

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This isn’t the first time they have opted for a black and white photograph over the more traditional coloured image.

Two of the three official engagement photos they released were also in black and white as well as an assortment of images on their wedding day.

Many have praised the pair for breaking royal conventions and while Caroline Frost believes they need a lesson in being more royal, she does admit “You can kind of see why she [Meghan] would want to have just where she can apply a little bit of creative expression.”

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