Meghan breaks from royal tradition by hiring own birthing team - report

The Duchess of Sussex has appointed her own delivery team to oversee the birth of her first child, it has been claimed.

In a break from royal tradition, Meghan has reportedly opted not to use Royal House gynaecologists because she does not want "men in suits" supervising her birth.

According to The Mail on Sunday, the 37-year-old duchess has appointed an "unnamed female doctor" to lead the team instead of Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston.

The two gynaecologists attended the arrival of all three of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's children.

It is understood there will definitely be a role for the Queen's doctors in the birth, but it might not be a prominent one.

A Royal Family spokesman has declined to comment.

Harry and Meghan have entered the record books in the weeks leading up to the birth of their first child - and the baby is due to arrive late April or early May.

The duke and duchess gained one million followers in the fastest time yet on Instagram.

Harry and Meghan shared photos of their 2017 trip to Botswana on the social media account.

The African country holds a special place in their hearts as Prince Harry took the duchess on a romantic getaway there to celebrate her 36th birthday.