Meghan Markle: Harry Is 'Best Husband Ever'

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Meghan Markle had her first solo engagement with the Queen on Thursday, but Prince Harry wasn’t far from her mind. As the Duchess of Sussex greeted crowds in Cheshire, she took the time to gush about her new husband.

Two onlookers, Jean and Heather, spoke to Sky News royal producer Fiona Mackie about what they overheard Meghan say to the crowd. “We heard her say to a lady that Harry was the best husband ever,” Heather said. “She was beautiful and so patient, she gave everybody lots of time, she was gorgeous,” Jean added.

The quote was corroborated by Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English. Meghan also reportedly told the crowd that being married was “wonderful,” adding, “I’m really enjoying it.”

Though Meghan went solo on her trip with the Queen, she has made several appearances with Prince Harry since their wedding day. They appeared at Trooping the Colour on June 9, and celebrated Prince Charles’ 70th birthday on May 22.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

The royal couple reportedly went on their honeymoon in East Africa, though the palace has not confirmed those reports. And it seems like Meghan, though nervous at first, showed at her first solo event that she's developed a warm bond with her grandmother-in-law. Not too bad for a newlywed.

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