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Use this exclusive Amazon code to take 20% off Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's favorite anti-aging serum

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It'd be safe to assume that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton spend thousands of dollars on their beauty routines, right? Nope! It turns out both Duchesses religiously use an organic "Botox" serum known as BIOTULIN Supreme Skin Gel to fight fine lines and wrinkles, plump and moisturize the skin sans needles. The fun part? It's surprisingly affordable — and we have an exclusive Amazon promo code just for In The Know by Yahoo readers.

From now through July 11, you can get the natural anti-aging serum on Amazon for 20% off as an early Prime Day deal when you redeem the code 205T59HL at checkout. In fact, you use the code to shop all of BIOTULIN's lineup. That includes products like moisturizer, eye cream and daily sunscreen.

BIOTULIN Supreme Skin Gel, $64.99, plus 20% off with code 205T59HL at checkout

$64.99 at Amazon

Here's the deal with the serum: It contains an anesthetic ingredient from the Acmella oleracea plant that inhibits muscle contractions to reduce fine lines and wrinkles — just like Botox. The gel also contains the hydration superhero hyaluronic acid as an added bonus.

Another key difference between "Botox in a bottle" and actual injectables is that the gel doesn't alter sensation, restrict facial expressions or cause any side effects. It also does not contain Botox's key ingredient, botulinum toxin.

Just spread a small drop evenly over the face and neck before the rest of your skin care routine. The brand claims skin will be visibly firmer after an hour, with results lasting up to 24 hours. Obviously, you'll have greater results with more consistent use.

It's not just Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton that love this serum. Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio are also allegedly big fans, along with thousands of Amazon shoppers.

"I was overdue in for an injectable touch-up before [quarantine]," wrote one reviewer. "Truly and honestly, after a week of use, I woke up and looked in the mirror and didn't see a riverbed of furrows ... this honestly is working for me so well that I won't be racing back to my med spa."

Many Amazon shoppers wrote that the serum has reduced "depth of fine lines" and "blemishes" and that even sensitive skin can handle it.

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