Meghan Markle has not been replaced by a robot — or has she?

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Meghan Markle is a duchess, not a robot.

Meghan Markle is not a robot, thank you very much. But, hey, she looks kind of good as one, right? (Photo: Getty Images)

A clip making the rounds on the interwebs has people speculating that the newly minted Duchess of Sussex has been replaced by … a robot. The footage is from the Britain’s Got Talent finale earlier this month and it is kind of creepy. Meghan, are you in there?

Of course, people think — or rather joke — the royal family is to blame ’cause the 92-year-old queen has nothing better to do than (1) convince an American actress to marry her grandson, (2) have them marry in front of a crazy high viewing audience, and then (3) make her disappear only to replace her with artificial intelligence. Nobody would notice, right?

And Sophia the Robot is pissed.

What’s the real story? Well, the queen is innocent, y’all. Madame Tussauds London was behind the whole thing. The wax meisters were promoting their new “Live Figures” exhibit in Fundon. (The company debuted Prince Harry and Meghan’s official statues ahead of their wedding last month.) So as a PR gimmick, the company sent “Harry and Meghan” to sit in the audience of Britain’s Got Talent, but they were just a couple of audience members wearing masks. It was like Halloween in June — not a Suits star starring in a real-life version of Her.

Yes, it was just a gimmick to try to get people to go stare at a bunch of fake celebrity statues. And Christian here can’t believe people fell for it.

Or was it?

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