Meghan McCain Goes Off on Twitter for Daring to Fact-Check Trump

Matt Wilstein

Kellyanne Conway thinks if people will wait in line for cupcakes, they should wait in line to vote. Meghan McCain thinks that if Twitter is going to start fact-checking the president of the United States, then they’ll have to do the same for “every teenager who says that they can run a hundred miles in two minutes.” 

The View kicked off its Thursday morning show with a discussion of President Donald Trump’s apparent threats to retaliate against Twitter and other social media companies for what he falsely considers censorship.

While Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar all agreed that it was reasonable for Twitter to present the facts alongside Trump’s misleading tweets about mail-in votings, McCain had a different take.

McCain began by praising Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for “using conservative media” like Fox News to make clear to the president that his company will never become the “arbiter of truth.” 

“The fact that Jack Dorsey is neutral or an unbiased person in all of this is irrational and that’s fine,” McCain continued, referring to the head of Twitter, a “proud progressive,” in her estimation, who has donated to politicians like Tulsi Gabbard.

“Part of the problem here is I don’t understand what anyone’s talking about,” she added. “So the president wants to censor a public platform where he has 80 million followers. And Twitter wants to start fact-checking tweets. Now if we’re going to go down this road, every journalist, every commentator, every teenager who says they can run a hundred miles in two minutes is going to be fact-checked. That’s not logical.” 

“You might as well shut down the platform in its entirety,” McCain declared. “I think all of this is Kabuki theater on the parts of the tech companies and on President Trump. And I think they’re all virtue signaling to each other’s bases and audiences. And I think this is a complete waste of time especially with 100,000 deaths right now.” 

Both Goldberg and Behar could not wait to jump in and push back on McCain’s rant, but it was ultimately the former who got the last word. 

“I for one am kind of glad that they are fact-checking stuff that is really having to do with everyone’s health,” Goldberg said, regarding Trump’s push to force people to go to polling stations during a pandemic instead of mailing in ballots. “I don’t think teenagers who lie about how fast they can run or how many girls they actually took out, I don’t think they have to worry much. But I do think that the government should be aware that people do want this stuff fact-checked. And if you are concerned about it, don’t B.S. the facts.” 

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