Megyn Kelly ‘Conflicted’ About Jimmy Fallon Accusations: ‘People Need to Toughen Up’ (Video)

Megyn Kelly said on Friday that she’s “conflicted” about the accusations that Jimmy Fallon created a toxic work environment on “The Tonight Show.”

The host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” said she thinks people are overreacting to Rolling Stone’s damning report of Fallon’s misbehavior. “I’m conflicted, I’m gonna be honest. Kids today, they’re so dramatic… the horror!” she said, in video you can watch above.

“Like, what did [Fallon] say? He basically said, ‘Are you OK? Seriously, do you need help?’ That’s causing people to lose their hair? People need to toughen up. Your workplace is not your Nana’s lap. They’re not there to make you feel good. They’re there to make the consumer feel good.”

She continued, “I’ve got serious questions about whether any of this is true. In every job I’ve ever worked, I’ve had people who have jumped through brick walls for me, and I can be a tough boss.” She added that she’s not “an a—hole,” but that she will tell her staff when they “need to do better.”

Kelly, who was an NBC News correspondent from 2017 to 2018 after leaving Fox News, began the segment by saying, “Having worked at NBC, I understand people saying it’s a toxic place to work. I do, trust me!”

Commentator Jesse Kelly also suggested on “The Megyn Kelly Show” that “this new generation” is too soft and overly sensitive.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld also came to Fallon’s defense, saying he was there for an incident cited by Rolling Stone in which the stand-up star asked the host to apologize to a crew member.

“This is so stupid,” Seinfeld said. “I remember this moment quite well. I teased Jimmy about a flub, and we all had a fun laugh about how rarely Jimmy is thrown off. It was not uncomfortable at all. Jimmy and I still occasionally recall it and laugh.”

He called the report an “idiotic twisting of events.”

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