Megyn Kelly's awkward transitions from friendly banter to awful news stories

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Megyn Kelly’s attempts to seem jovial and likable have added a weird wrinkle to her show, Megyn Kelly Today.

Kelly has struggled to find her footing at her new home on NBC. Since her Sunday show failed, the former Fox News host has been corralled onto NBC’s friendly-seeming Today show. In an attempt to humanize herself, she starts every program by trudging through something she’s not great at: lighthearted banter. To make things worse, she often takes an awkward hard turn into hard news.

In one recent episode, Kelly opened her show by about how sick she was and in the same breath transitioned to rape headlines. She awkwardly said: “Do you have this thing that’s going around? We begin this morning about some serious news about Russell Simmons.”

During another episode, she joked about being taken away by aliens on an asteroid, only to follow it by saying, “But we begin on a serious note with new developments into the investigation of allegations of sexual behavior against Matt Lauer.”

The transition from forced, jokey banter to tales of sexual assault leave viewers feeling as if they accidentally jumped between two shows. With shocking headlines becoming the norm, it looks like Megyn Kelly will continue to struggle to seem relatable while tackling hard news.

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