Melania Trump tweets footage from Marine One of devastating Florida flooding caused by Hurricane Irma editors

First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump headed to Florida on Thursday to assess the damage done by Hurricane Irma. 

The Category 4 storm tore through the Sunshine State at the beginning of the week, causing catastrophic damage. 

Melania Trump tweeted footage of the devastating flooding from the president's helicopter Marine One before they touched down in Naples. The president can be heard in the background, questioning, "Can they pump the water out?" An unidentified male voice responds, "Yeah, that's right."

With drains full and massive amounts of water still in neighborhoods, pumps will be required to remove the remaining water. 

According to the Naples Daily News, South Florida water managers began moving large pumps to northern Collier County. Flooding of the Cocohatchee Canal has trapped some residents within their homes. 

Engineers expect the pumps to assist in emptying the floodwaters into the canal, which in turn empties into the Gulf of Mexico. 

After their air tour of the damage, Trump and the first lady helped hand out lunches to victims of Hurricane Irma. The Trumps were joined in Naples by Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.