Melky Cabrera is a guitar-wielding baseball cowboy in White Sox commercial

Melky Cabrera plays Cowboy Melky in a White Sox promo video. (Twittter/@WhiteSox)

Some baseball players may feel the need to hide their humorous side, but Chicago White Sox outfielder Melky Cabrera isn’t one of them. He’s never afraid to have fun, and the world got to see him show off his top-notch acting chops on Thursday when the White Sox released a commercial for their upcoming Country Music Night.

Using a guitar at the plate isn’t really an effective way to hit a baseball, but it’s a really efficient way to destroy a guitar, as Melky so expertly demonstrates. If rock stars want to destroy their guitars at the end of a show, maybe they should consider doing it the Melky Way: hitting it with a baseball.

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Melky Cabrera, Cowboy isn’t a new character. In September 2016, the White Sox gave away Cowboy Melky T-shirts.

Here’s a close-up of the shirt, and it’s hard to deny its awesomeness:

The cowboy persona and the shirt are just a few examples of Melky being a fun-loving guy. But he told Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago that his humor has a purpose, too.

“I like to do funny things and be kind of a clown because that’s the way you can make the guys happy and create a relaxed atmosphere,” Cabrera said through an interpreter. “This is a very long season and of course it’s our job, but it’s also a game to enjoy. You have to have some kind of joy in the long season and there are some rough moments you’re going to pass through. That’s why you always have to do something else, try something different, something funny to make your teammates relaxed and loose.”

Melky Cabrera has been in baseball 13 years so he definitely understands how important it is to keep everyone relaxed during a grueling 162-game season. And those special skills are obviously useful not just in the clubhouse, but in front of the camera.

Even though Melky looks like he’s having a great time acting in that team promo, he told Hayes it doesn’t mean he’s going to start a career in Hollywood once he retires.

“That’s something I like to do inside the team,” Cabrera said. “Once I retire, I just want to spend time with the family. … I’m just going to spend time with my family, stay home and enjoy life.”

So we’ll just have to enjoy Melky’s acting performances for as long as we can.

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