Men Are Being Asked to 'Name a Woman' as Part of New TikTok Trend — and Their Answers Are Hilarious!

Many claim that the only correct answer is a man’s significant other — and while some have been quick to offer that response, others haven't

<p>Getty</p> Man on sofa with hands on face.


Man on sofa with hands on face.

Can you name a woman? That's the latest question posed to men in a new TikTok challenge that has gone viral.

The challenge has its roots in a viral moment from Billy Eichner’s show Billy on the Street, in which the star approached a woman with a dollar bill and demanded she answer the question with the first name that came to mind.

Now the question is leading to some outrageous responses on social media.

Although there is technically no right or wrong way to answer, many claim that the only correct response is a man’s female significant other, if he has one — and some have been quick to offer that desired response. But others haven't.

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Social media star Allison Kuch is among those who participated in the trend with her husband, Isaac Rochell. However, when asked the big question, Rochell came up with a name she wasn't expecting to hear: Kaitlyn.

“Are you kidding me?” asked the content creator whose real name is Allison Kucharczyk. Rochell quickly noticed his mistake and brushed it off as being “just a random name.”

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Other men have even offered a variety of random answers, like historical figures. In one of the trend’s most popular videos, which has been liked over two million times, one man's response was "Susan B. Anthony."

Another man, who answered with “Anne Frank,” looked confused as his partner laughed in response.

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Others have gone with pop culture references, though some have been more vague than others. One user named Mae was initially surprised to hear her partner answer the question with “Rebecca” until he explained his logic.

“I was thinking about Steven Universe when I was making this food!” he said, referencing the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar.

Several other famous women have also come to men’s minds, including Megan FoxTaylor Swift and Anne Hathaway. And while some men have been quick with their responses, others have taken their time, visibly afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Of course, not everyone has answered "incorrectly." In one clip, a man was able to spit out the "correct" answer after his partner stopped him while leaving the kitchen.

“No way. Unreal, you did it right!” she exclaimed as he looked at her wide-eyed and seemingly concerned.

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A similar trend went viral earlier this year when women began asking the men in their lives how often they thought about the Roman Empire.

The trend gained popularity after Swedish Instagram user and Roman reenactor Arthur Hulu shared a Reels video on Aug. 19 that suggested women may not realize how often the thought crosses some men’s minds.

Dozens of celebrities took part in the trend, including athletes, former Bachelor franchise stars and even the hosts of The View and Today.

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