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Not shorts

Don’t kill yourself trying to look fashionable [this summer.] Your fit is going to look a whole lot worse if you’re passed out on the sidewalk from a heat stroke. I just got these Uniqlo Miracle Air jeans that will do the trick if you’re a never-shorts person.” Cam Wolf, Racked Menswear Editor
Men Miracle Air Regular Fit Tapered Jeans, $49.90

Men’s Summer Style Guide: 14 Items You Need This Season

The modern man is undergoing a sort of style renaissance — if you ignore recent headlines about men’s rompers, that is. And men’s chokers. And President Trump.

The point is, there is more choice and accessibility and freedom for men to experiment with their looks — arguably as much as women, and certainly more than ever before. And that can be an overwhelming thought, especially at the start of the summer season, when you might be rethinking your wardrobe.

Rather than inundate you with choices, Yahoo Style spoke with five men’s fashion experts to curate a list of staples and trend items that will get you through the sweaty season stylishly. As a bonus, the expert retail buyers, editors, and bloggers share their musings on men’s fashion mistakes and misconceptions.

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Eric Jennings, Saks Fifth Avenue Vice President and Men’s Fashion Director 


“Be careful if you’re the kind of person to see something on the runway and want to try it out. We saw sandals and socks on the runway, and you have to be a particular fashionisto to pull that off. Tread lightly with that trend, and I’d probably recommend just staying away from that.”

Guy Trebay, New York Times Fashion Critic


“I like formality in the workplace, to separate work functions from other functions. That’s trying to stop the tide, and I don’t know that we’ll ever go back to that. But I appreciate the idea of saying, ‘This is what I wear for work, and this is what I wear when I’m not working.”

“I hesitate to sound like a geezer…but you show respect for others by dressing well. And I think you can draw distinctions in terms of what you’re doing socially. So, if I’m dressed as a bum at a restaurant, and I’m a bum at work, and I’m a bum at the gym, well, then I’m a bum!”

Cam Wolf, Racked Menswear Editor


“There’s a brand new summer staple in town and it’s called a RompHim, and has everyone else already made this joke?”

“The summer item I can’t live without is a pair of mismatched Engineered Garments x Vans that I wore practically every day during summer ‘16. I’ll probably repeat that routine this year. While this exact style doesn’t seem to be making a return, Opening Ceremony always has an eclectic selection of Vans up for grabs.”

Moti Ankari, The Metro Man Founder


“The most difficult part [about summer dressing] is choosing clothing you won’t sweat in… My suggestion is to go with summer-weight fabrics like seersucker, linen or cotton.”

“Also, if you’re one of those guys that have to wear a suit every single day, wear a short sleeve shirt under (and no one will know).”

David Yi, Very Good Light Founder and Editor


“The biggest misconception about men’s beauty is that it’s totally effeminate or only for a specific type of male. This is just simply untrue.”

“Men absolutely do not have to spend much to find good products. Korean beauty, for instance, is totally affordable and now found at local drugstores, Urban Outfitters, Target. There are also traditional drugstore brands like Neutrogena that are completely great. I’ve never prescribed to the notion that in order to have good skin you need to purchase expensive, luxury products. Finding what really works for you is a luxury in and of itself.”

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