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This men's RFID-blocking wallet is only $8 — score it while you can!

We all know one of those guys. You know, the guy who carries around a wallet in his back pocket that's thicker and denser than a hockey puck. The guy who likely considers his comically bulbous billfold "an old friend," even though years of toting it around have probably thrown his spine out of alignment. Well, it's time for an intervention and, as it happens, we've found just the replacement for that weighty wad. Amazon is having a surprise sale on the popular Travelambo Front Pocket Slim Wallet. You — and your tragic pal — can stop the insanity for as little as $8.

The Travelambo wallet has thousands of perfect five-star reviews to back it up. It has a slim, minimalist design measuring only 0.12-inch thick. You can stock cash, credit cards and much more in this handy, lightweight winner.

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$8 at Amazon

This ingenious wallet is made of 100% leather and comes equipped with RFID-blocking technology — a big, big advantage during travel season. And a fetching form accompanies that smart, smart function, as the Travelambo Front Pocket Slim Wallet is available in a whopping 26 colors and styles.

Below are a few reasons why reviewers call this the “best wallet ever.

So handsome and stylish

We all want to feel good about the objects we use daily. Shoppers say that this looker makes whipping out the Travelambo a positive experience.

“I absolutely love this wallet,” one five-star reviewer shared. "I initially bought it for the RFID-blocking capabilities (to protect my credit card information), but beyond this, the overall aesthetic of the wallet is masculine, sleek and minimalistic. I love the amount of storage for cash in the three various pouches, an ID card slot and three card slots on the opposite side (which really adds to what I can fit in my wallet). The leather is premium-feeling, and the small attention to detail is amazing."

Travelambo slim wallet (Photo: Amazon)
A mere $8 can buy you or someone you love untold years of identity-protecting security. (Photo: Amazon)

Cheers to the quality

Each wallet is made with soft, durable leather, and shoppers keep returning to report how pleased they are with the quality.

“I’ve had this for over a year now and it’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned," said a happy customer. "No wear and tear and I’ve thrown this thing around a lot! Also, it might be a low profile/minimalistic design, but it can fit a lot in it. Currently, I have three cards on the side (the ones I use regularly), six in the deep sleeve, two in the other and a driver's license in the window, and the wallet is still holding its integrity.”

Everything in its place

Nothing beats the lightness of being organized. This wallet makes it simple to find what you need at a glance, and yet it still maintains a slim profile.

Another satisfied shopper shared: "Great little wallet. I have a card in every pocket, and two IDs in the ID pocket for a total of seven cards. Even with all of these cards, I was able to comfortably fit $300 worth of $20 bills (15 bills total) in the middle cash slot with plenty of wiggle room. The ID cards slide out effortlessly, even with two of them in there. This fits perfectly in my front [pocket] with my phone, and I no longer need to sit on a blocky bi-fold all day."

That's right, this is a front-pocket wallet, which is good for two reasons: 1) It's safer from pickpockets than the back-pocket variety, and 2) You'll no longer feel as though every table you sit at is crooked. 

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$8 at Amazon

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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