Mercedes to open first charging hubs in Atlanta, China, Germany

Mercedes-Benz has shared plans to open its first electric vehicle DC fast-charging hubs in Atlanta, Georgia; Chengdu, China; and Mannheim, Germany, starting in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The automaker plans to install 2,000 charging hubs worldwide by the end of 2024, with 10,000 chargers in North America, Europe, China and "other core markets" by 2030.

In July, Mercedes joined the ranks of automakers to adopt Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) charge port. Starting in 2024, the automaker will offer an NACS adapter for any existing EV with CCS ports so that those vehicles can access Tesla's extensive Supercharging network -- 45,000 chargers worldwide, as of April 2023. For model years 2025 and later, Mercedes's North American vehicles will be built with an NACS port.

As Mercedes builds out new hubs, the type of charge point it uses (i.e., CCS, NACS or the Chinese standard GB/T) will depend on the region. The company did not share what ports its new hubs will be built with, but it did say that the "Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network" will be accessible to all brands.

Mercedes-Benz customers will get some perks, though, like the ability to reserve a charging point via the Mercedes me Charge service. Following Tesla's lead, the charging stations will offer features like "Plug * Charge," which allows customers to automate the charging and payment process as soon as the charging cable is plugged in.

The automaker also said its new charging stations will be integrated directly into route planning to show drivers the best way to charge.

Mercedes said it will choose charging station locations that are near main traffic areas and select dealerships and that are near amenities like refreshments and restrooms. Some stations will have canopies to protect against weather -- a feature that is common at Tesla's charging hubs as well.