Met Police says fake audio of London mayor ‘not a crime’

The Metropolitan Police have said that fake audio clips of the Mayor of London dismissing Remembrance Day commemorations do not “constitute a criminal offence”.

One clip, believed to have been created with the assistance of artificial intelligence, which has been posted on TikTok, uses simulated audio which has Sadiq Khan saying: “I don’t give a flying shit about the Remembrance weekend.”

The second clip has the simulated Кhan stating his authority over the Met Police before suggesting that the Armistice Day commemorations be postponed.

The fake audio adds: “I know we have Armistice Day on Saturday but why should Londoners cancel the Palestinian march on Saturday?

“Why don’t they have Remembrance weekend next weekend? What’s happening in Gaza is much bigger than this weekend and it’s current.”

A Met Police spokesman confirmed that the force had looked into the fake footage but would be taking no further action.

He said: “We can confirm that we were made aware of a video featuring artificial audio of the Mayor. Specialist officers have reviewed this video and assessed that it does not constitute a criminal offence.

“Officers from Counter Terrorism Policing continue to review online content and material that is referred to us by members of the public.

“We will investigate and take enforcement actions where criminal offences are identified.”

The mayor posted on X, formerly Twitter: “While I hosted an interfaith Remembrance event with our armed forces at City Hall, the far-right were sharing deepfake audio about me.

“They may have new means, but their ends are the same – to divide our diverse communities.

“We must stand together – it’s what London does best.”