Metroid Prime 4: Beyond lands on Switch in 2025

It exists!

After 18 years and a complete reboot, Samus Aran will return in Metroid Prime 4: Beyond next year, Nintendo announced today. The company also gave us our first glimpse at the game, which sees Samus duking it out with alien hordes on distant planet. At first glance, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond could easily be mistaken for a Halo game, though there's a bit of enemy scanning and morph ball action, as you'd expect. The teaser ends with the reveal of a new big bad (wearing a suit like Samus's), flanked by two floating metroids.

It's hard to read too much into a teaser, but as someone who adored the original Metroid Prime on the Gamecube, I'm certainly excited. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is currently slated as a Switch title, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it appear on Nintendo's Switch successor as well.