Mets exec calls out A-Rod for saying he wished he signed with team in 2001

New York Mets fans were left speechless during “Sunday Night Baseball” this week, and not because the Mets actually won. It was something broadcaster Alex Rodriguez said that caused everyone to hit the playback button on their TVs.

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Rodriguez said he would have made “great concessions to go play for the Mets” during the 2000-01 offseason. He instead signed a record-breaking 10-year, $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers.

One Mets executive isn’t buying A-Rod’s comments. Jim Duquette, who was the team’s assistant general manager during the 2000-01 offseason, told the New York Post there was ‘no chance‘ A-Rod actually would have signed with the Mets.

“[Rodriguez] indicated he was going to accept somewhere over $100 million less to play for the Mets,” Duquette told The Post. “No chance. I don’t believe that for one second.”

“There was slim and no chance we were going to go anywhere near what he signed for,” Duquette said. “Boras signed an unbelievable deal for him. He was going to sign for $130 million less to play for the team that was his childhood dream because he loved Keith Hernandez? Listen, we all love Keith Hernandez, but you are going to give up $130 million? Come on.”

When you put it that way it makes a lot of sense. A-Rod can say what he wants in hindsight, but do you really think he would pass on that Rangers deal? There’s just no way.

It’s fun to think about, though. What would happen if one of the best players of his era changed course and joined the Mets? How would the Mets perform? How would the Rangers perform? Would his trade to the New York Yankees ever happen? The history of at least three teams would have been altered drastically.

A-Rod with the Mets? He says he wishes it would have happened. (AP Photo)

If we may bring it back to present day, it’s probably a good thing this is the quote gaining traction from A-Rod’s brief stint on SNB thus far. The fact that we’re talking about this, and not picking apart A-Rod’s analysis confirms he’s doing a pretty good job up in the booth.

If A-Rod signs with the Mets during the 2000-01 offseason, maybe he doesn’t follow the same career path. Based on how well his turn as a broadcaster has gone, we won’t complain about things playing out the way they did.

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