Mets fan pays off debt to Noah Syndergaard by dying his hair blond

Opening day was a day of bets gone wrong.

In Chicago, a Cubs reporter willingly took a plunge in Lake Michigan after agreeing to do so if Ian Happ hit the first pitch of the season for a home run.

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Meanwhile, one Mets fan was faced with paying off a debt to Noah Syndergaard after promising to dye his hair blond if the Mets right-hander struck out at least 10 St. Louis Cardinals.

In typical Thor fashion, the Mets’ flamethrower struck out exactly 10 while leading them to a 9-4 win.

After the game, the social media-savvy star then took to Twitter to call out the fan for betting against him.

As we learned on Saturday, the fan, whose Twitter handle is @fellashleep, is a man of his word.

Mets fan @fellashleep shows off his new blond hair after betting against Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. (@fellashleep on Twitter)

In a series of tweets, he showed off his new blond look while sporting a Syndergaard jersey.

We tip our cap to the fan for keeping his promise.

Here’s the most puzzling aspect though. It’s a Mets fan that dared to bet against Thor.

Yes, Syndergaard’s coming off a season that was limited to seven starts by injury. But coming into opening day he had struck out at least 10 batters in 11 of 61 career starts. That might not be a Chris Sale level of dominance, but it’s still pretty impressive. Impressive enough that betting against him notching 10 strikeouts on any given day seems like a bad idea.

Mets’ star Noah Syndergaard struck 10 Cardinals on opening day, meaning one fan had to dye his hair blond. (AP)

Betting against him doing so on opening day?

Forget about it.

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