Miami student-athletes are using an old FedEx truck to distribute leftover food to the homeless

A small group of Miami student-athletes are doing a very cool thing. (Getty Images)

Thanks to the combined workloads of the typical college student and an elite athlete, the life of a college student-athlete is that of very little free time. That makes athletes who choose to use their rare time off to benefit others all the more remarkable.

Miami running back Robert Burns and Vanderbilt quarterback Anthony Hasan, both high-school teammates at Gulliver Prep, have spent the last year building up Second Spoon, a non-profit that uses a converted FedEx truck to gather extra food from Miami-area restaurants and distribute it to the local homeless community, as detailed by a report from the Miami Herald.

Since its founding, Second Spoon has reportedly found a rotating group of volunteers among Burns’ fellow student athletes at Miami to run the truck every Saturday. For example, the volunteers running the truck during the Herald’s day following the group included Burns, soccer player Hannah Marwede, fullback Michael Parrott and Christian Delgado, a friend of Burns from church.

Per the report, Hasan came up with the idea after talking about food waste with a team chef when he played for Syracuse. A year later, Hasan registered Second Spoon with the IRS and began reaching out to restaurants for donations. He hit a roadblock after discovering the six-figure price of a new food truck, but soon held a fundraiser in his parents’ backyard to raise $15,000 and buy an old FedEx truck.

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996 reportedly shields restaurants that donate food from liability, which is apparently helps the group convince restaurants to donate their leftovers.

“Some restaurants do a good job of reducing waste,” Hasan said. “While with others, you’re creating foods in the morning in bulk. In those situations especially, there’s going to be an enormous excess. Those are the kinds of situations where we can really come in and help.”

According to the report, Hasan quickly reported Burns, who runs the organization when Hasan is out of state. The group’s volunteer base is expected to take a hit when football rolls around and many of the student athletes’ Saturdays get much busier, but that hasn’t stopped them from considering expansion into Nashville, where Hasan plays at Vanderbilt.

If interested in donating, Second Spoon’s GoFundMe page can be found here.

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