Michael Jordan’s daughter after watching ‘The Last Dance’: ‘OK, I get it’

“The Last Dance” has provided fans with a fascinating inside look at Michael Jordan’s time with the Chicago Bulls, both for those who grew up during Jordan’s reign in the NBA and the younger generation who either wasn’t alive or was too young to appreciate it.

Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine, fits into that second category.

Jasmine, 27, was born in 1992 — right in the middle of his basketball career. When Jordan retired for good after the 2002-03 season, she was just 10 years old. 

Watching “The Last Dance” each week has finally allowed her to comprehend the magnitude of her dad’s career, she told CBS Chicago’s Ryan Baker after Episodes 7 and 8 on Sunday night.  

“I was so young when this was happening,” Jasmine said, via CBS Chicago. “This is who you are in other people’s eyes when you and your brothers have only viewed you as dad. Now it’s like, ‘OK, I get it.’ I really understand why you are the GOAT and everybody’s so fascinated by you.”

Jasmine is the youngest of the three children Jordan had with his first wife, along with Jeffrey, 31, and Marcus, 29. (He also has two 6-year-old twins, Ysabel and Victoria.) The three older children have been watching each week, and are eagerly awaiting the documentary’s finale next Sunday.

Though Jeffrey and Marcus weren’t much older than Jasmine at the time, they do remember parts of Jordan’s time with the Bulls — something they said has been a lot of fun to relive. 

“Not only is it great for young kids who never got to see my dad play, it’s also good for those that did follow along, but didn’t really understand what was going on behind the scenes,” Marcus said, via CBS Chicago.

Retired Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, left, holds his daughter Jasmine while his wife Juanita and sons, Marcus and Jeffrey, right, look on following presentation of the 1993 NBA Championship rings. (AP/John Swart)

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