Michael Moore blasts Joe Biden over former VP's statement on healthcare

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore joined MSNBC following the Democratic presidential debate Wednesday night where he ripped into former Vice President Joe Biden's claims about how Americans feel about their current healthcare plans.

In response to Biden claiming that 160 million people like their private insurance, Moore said, "The average American does not like the health insurance company. They hate Aetna and Cigna and United Healthcare. These are people that they are fighting with to get them to pay a bill that they won't pay." 

Then Moore left no doubt about his feelings toward the healthcare industry and any candidate who supports it in its current form.

"The healthcare industry has caused more pain and harm and anxiety for the American people than practically any other industry," Moore said, "and we should never side with candidates that say we're gonna keep this private, profit-making thing going."

It was a rough night all around for Biden. At one point, he seemingly forgot that fellow candidate Kamala Harris is an African-American woman in the Senate when he said he was endorsed by "the only African-American woman who'd ever been elected to the United States Senate." Biden quickly corrected himself and said he meant the first African-American woman in the Senate. At another point, Biden used unfortunate phrasing when speaking about domestic violence, saying we need to "keep punching at it, and punching at it, and punching at it."

This caused former Obama advisor and current CNN host David Axlerod to harken back to an insult President Trump once used to disparage then Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Biden, I wouldn’t say he was a house of fire in any of the debates that we’ve been to," Axlerod said, "and yet he kind of bumps along, ya know, kind of Mr. Magooing his way through this."

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