Michael Schumacher's former manager denied visit requests by F1 legend's wife

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The former manager of Michael Schumacher has claimed requests to visit his former client have been knocked back by the German's wife, Corinna.

In a documentary series that aired on German TV, Willi Weber accused Corinna of blocking his attempts to see Schumacher out of fear that he will expose the F1 great's condition to the public.

The F1 racing driver was put into a medically induced coma after a traumatic brain injury sustained while skiing with his son in the French Alps in December 2013.

Reports surfaced in September that the motorsport legend was transferred to a Paris hospital for secret treatment.

On the Michael Schumacher Tale RTL special, Weber said: “I know that Michael has been hit hard, but unfortunately I do not know what progress he makes.

“I’d like to know how he’s doing and shake hands or stroke his face, but unfortunately, this is rejected by Corinna.

“She’s probably afraid that I’ll see right away what’s going on and make the truth public.”

However, Weber says he refuses to give up hope that Schumacher can make a full recovery from his extraordinary ordeal.

“I firmly believe in Michael’s recovery, because I know he is a fighter,” Weber said.

“If there is a chance, he will use it. That cannot be the end. I pray for him and am convinced that we will see him again.”

Michael Schumacher looks on in the pit on May 22, 2005 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (Credit: Getty Images)
Michael Schumacher looks on in the pit on May 22, 2005 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (Credit: Getty Images)

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Family reveals how they cope with tragedy

Weber's comments follow a recent interview with Schumacher's wife and daughter in which the pair discuss how they have coped with the tragedy.

Corinna, 50, and daughter Gina Maria, 22 revealed that working with horses has brought a much needed degree of joy to their lives.

Speaking to Germany’s She Magazine, Corinna spoke of a ranch in Givrins her husband bought for their 10th wedding anniversary - which lead to her developing a passion for horses.

She said: “I don’t forget who I have to thank for this. That would be my husband Michael.

“When I was 30 and I dreamt of having a horse, he flew me down to Dubai in order to look at an Arabian horse.”

Former Ferrari driver Micheal Schumacher waves at fans. (Credit: Getty Images)
Former Ferrari driver Micheal Schumacher waves at fans. (Credit: Getty Images)

Corinna discovered a natural talent for equestrian competing and she became the European champion in Western-style horse riding in 2010.

The couple’s daughter Gina has also developed the same skills as her mother, and she is a gold medalist in the Reining European Championship in Givrins.

Gina revealed some wise advice given to her by dad Michael when she began competing.

He told her: “When you drive a car, you can stick it in the garage afterwards. But a horse needs to be looked after all the time, even on Sundays.”

The family now has 40 horses and ranches in Switzerland and Texas and Corinna admitted she feels joy at the success Gina has achieved.

She said: “I feel the greatest pride when I see Gina. What she has already achieved and how much fun she is – that makes me happy.”

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