Michigan woman defies the odds after being internally decapitated in car accident

Lila DeLine and her husband Ben. Image via Facebook.
Lila DeLine and her husband Ben. Image via Facebook.

A Michigan woman is defying the odds after a car accident left her internally decapitated.

On Aug. 16, Lila DeLine was turning into her driveway in Cedar Springs, Mich, when she was struck by another vehicle and pushed into a ditch. DeLine’s husband, Ben, had been waiting for her outside, and witnessed the horrific accident, rushing to her side as an ambulance was called.

DeLine’s surgeon, Dr. Charles Gibson told reporters that by her husband securing her head, he likely saved her life, as his wife had sustained an “extreme” spinal injury. According to Gibson, DeLine’s broken spinal cord was so severe it “looked like she had been put through a guillotine.”

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DeLine was taken to Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital where initially, she could only communicate by making small eye movements.

“Just her getting here is nothing short of a miracle,” Gibson said. “Most people don’t even make it from the scene of the crash with this sort of injury.”

Physician Gary Mikula said DeLine’s injuries were so severe, that aside from bleeding between her brain and skull, “her most important injury was essentially a dislocation of her head off her spinal cord.”

DeLine was transferred to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital where she progressed from blinking to communicate to mouthing words and eventually was able to stand up, walk and even exercise.

The facility documented her miraculous recovery in a video shared to YouTube.

Months after the accident, DeLine continues to defy doctor’s expectations — as well as her own.

“I thought that was going to be my life,” she told local news station WOOD-TV. “I thought that my life was going to be ventilators and diapers and not being able to communicate.”

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