Could Mick Jagger 'jinx' derail England's World Cup hopes?

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was on hand for France’s World Cup semifinal triumph over Belgium on Tuesday. As cameras panned the crowd at Saint Petersburg Stadium, Sir Mick could be seen in the stands sporting a black cap and hoodie, accompanied by his sons, James, 32, and Lucas, 19.

Jagger’s appearance at the match in Saint Petersburg comes two days after the 74-year-old rocker had wrapped up the Stones’ “No Filter” tour in Warsaw. With the British rock legend off tour and seemingly enjoying a bit of downtime with the family, it seems a fairly safe assumption that he will likely attend England’s semifinal match against Croatia in Moscow on Wednesday. And considering Jagger’s past record with supporting teams at the World Cup, that might not be a good thing for Gareth Southgate’s group.

Mick Jagger and his sons James Jagger, Lucas Jagger attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Semi Final match between France and Belgium at Saint Petersburg Stadium on July 10, 2018 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. (Getty Images)

Beware the “Jagger jinx”

Jagger has been a visible presence in the stands at the last few World Cups. In 2010, in South Africa, he was seen in the stands with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, supporting the United States against Ghana. The USMNT went on to lose that match, 2-1, and it was at that World Cup that the legend of the “Jagger jinx” was born.

The U.S. was one of several teams Jagger was seen publicly supporting in South Africa that was eliminated in the knockout rounds. Brazil was another one, and of course the singer’s native England, which was knocked out by one of its greatest rivals, Germany.

Former US President Bill Clinton (centre left) with veteran British rock star Mick Jagger (centre right) in the stands. (Getty Images)

Four years later in Brazil, Jagger was back, supporting the home team at the 2014 World Cup with his then-paramour Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez. Gimenez is the mother of Jagger’s youngest son Lucas, who was 15 when he sat in the stands at Estadio Mineirao with his dad and saw Brazil eliminated in the 7-1 loss to Germany in the semifinals of that tournament.

Afterward, Mick denied the Jagger jinx had anything to do with the loss, which remains the most humiliating in the history of Brazilian soccer.

“OK, I take responsibility for the first German goal,” he told NME. “But not the other six.”

Mick Jagger and his last son Lucas Jagger attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Semi Final match between Brazil and Germany at Estadio Mineirao on July 8, 2014 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (Getty Images)

Prior to the 2014 World Cup, Jagger had also predicted good things for Portugal and Italy during concert tour stops in each of the respective countries. Both teams crashed out in the group stage, as did Jagger’s home country England, which finished dead last in its group.

It’s not known who Jagger was supporting at Tuesday’s semifinal if anyone. But if history is anything to go by, it’s probably a safe bet he was backing Belgium. It’s also not entirely certain that Jagger will be present at Wednesday’s match to support England.

But given that he’s off tour and at the World Cup with his sons, and Moscow is just a short flight from St. Petersburg, it seems a fairly safe bet he will be there. In which case, Southgate’s team may get no satisfaction when it takes the field against Croatia at Luzhniki Stadium.

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