Miley Cyrus makes 'her-story' with first all-female team on 'The Voice'

With the Blind Auditions coming to an end on The Voice, Miley Cyrus found herself with a team full of ladies and only one spot left when 20-year-old Megan Rose hit the stage. Megan came out and sang Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe" and Blake Shelton immediately put his stamp of approval on her, telling the other coaches, "That's good!"

Blake's team was already full so he was out of the running, but Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine each had one spot left. They both turned their chairs, and after the performance, Megan could barely keep it together. Miley went up on stage to comfort Megan, while Adam offered up his red chair so she could relax and "kick back."

Once Megan calmed down, Miley started her plea to get the 20-year-old singer to join her team and become the first all-female team in Voice history -- or as Miley called it, "her-story." "So, I have to tell you, like Blake said, I am on the verge of making her-story on The Voice," Miley told Megan. But Adam wasn't gonna let her go without a fight, he said, "There's 11 females on her team. You would be the 12th, and that would be super nifty." But Miley quickly cut him off, adding, "It's not nifty. It's powerful!"

Miley wasn't the only one trying to make "her-story," Jennifer Hudson also got in on the girl power. "I love and respect both of these coaches, but it would be so powerful and moving to see an all-female team," Hudson said. With all the ladies showing their support, Megan couldn't refuse making "her-story" as she joined Team Miley.