Miley Cyrus’ two-toned halo hairstyle is giving y2k-meets-2023 vibes

miley cyrus halo hairstyle
Miley's two-toned halo hair is giving y2k vibesJames Devaney - Getty Images

Just three days into 2023 and Miley Cyrus has already saved my year (and cured the long-lived New Years' day hangxiety)... No, she hasn't flown over to the UK to nurse me back to health IRL but instead, virtually with the many party performances shared alongside her Godmother, Dolly Parton. Though, singing aside, what we (arguably) enjoyed more than their many duets was Miley's iconic hairstyle. Spoiler: it's a good'un.

If, like me, you tuned into the UK countdown, you would have missed said NYE party that was streamed on the Peacock TV channel in the US. However, granting us access to all things Wrecking Ball, Miley and her team shared clips on Instagram.

One notable post that stood out was shared by the singer's hair colourist, Cassondra Kaeding who highlighted a change in her look. See the video below:

Notice a difference? Well, it is very subtle I'll admit, but Cassondra has touched up Miley's platinum blonde roots whilst keeping her dark halo tone underneath. To compare, here's a look at the before colour from a few weeks ago:

The transformation is giving as much as those iconic Disney Channel cross-over episodes, aka a lot... (IYKYK).

Though, colour aside, we also must note the style because it is, also, ✨giving✨. Miley's crimped (almost wet-looking) waves are taking us back to the early 00s and paired with the modern 'skunk' colour, it's the perfect blend between old and new.

It may be a New Year but as I always say, trends will always come and go. Though, on a personal note, pencil-thin brows can stay in the 90s/2022... pls.

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