Military dental assistant doubles as sizzling Instagram star

(Image via Instagram/@alysia_magen)

A U.S. Airforce dental assistant has amassed legions of fans on Instagram sharing stunning body inspiration photos and live blogging her workouts.

Alysia Macedo, 28, told the Daily Mail she joined the military at age 19 because she “wanted to be independent, travel the world and serve my country.”

Today, she dedicates as much time as she can to her strict fitness regime, including gym visits in the morning before work and again at the end of the day.

Through social media, she hopes to inspire active lifestyles amongst others.


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When she isn’t at the gym or on duty, Macedo campaigns for women’s safety.

“In my free time I teach prevention against violence, sexual assault, and many other things for everyone on base,” she said.

While her work-life balance and fitness routine is crucial to her health, Macedo credits her tight physique to a disciplined meal plan.

“My daily diet is a late breakfast, usually egg whites with oatmeal, snack protein bar, then a meal that consists of chicken or fish and rice,” she said.

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The fitness star hopes to one day create her own app and encourage others to achieve their body goals.

“I want people to see me being goofy having fun working out and see that it’s not so serious and miserable. It’s all about your mind, what you feed it,” Macedo said.

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