Milk Is The Hill Most Couples Die On According To New Study

Even when you’re deeply in love and truly disgusting all of your loved ones with your swooning, every relationship has some minor squabbles within it. Which way should the toilet roll face? What’s the point in making the bed? No, it’s definitely your turn to choose dinner.

However, according to new research from oat drink specialists Oatly, the type of drink that we drink is the most divisive issue in households. Only one quarter of Brits are open to changing the type of milk they drink for their partners and perhaps even more surprisingly, married couples were even less likely to compromise on this!

Men And Women Are Equally Annoyed About Milk Habits 

Given that 60% of Brits start drinking tea at primary school age, it’s not a surprise that we feel very strongly about milk habits.

A quarter of respondents admit that milk being left on the side causes bickering in their household and another 21% of us get irritated by our partner putting empty cartons back in the fridge.

Married couples are 10% less likely to try a new milk for their partners than unmarried couples. 

But why is milk such a divisive topic in our households? 

Well, the research revealed that 37% of Brits have tried to give up dairy in the last three years but 70% of those admitted that they failed. Interestingly, it’s less to do with taste and more to do with convenience and familiarity. In fact, 23% of those who tried to give up dairy state that they went back to it “by accident.”

Interestingly, these divide men and women equally but other household disputes such as wet towels on the floor irritate 30% of women and only 23% of men and putting dirty washing away which bothers 30% of women and only 20% of men.

However, almost 40% of respondents were happy to compromise on the amount of spice added to a meal and a further 37% didn’t mind changing their toilet paper brand if it made their partners happy. So it’s not all bad news!

Why Do We Struggle To Budge On Milk Habits?

Paul Brunson, Relationship Insights Expert, said, “If we’re not willing to compromise, it can be hard for relationships to thrive, and I can see these patterns emerging with our milk habits. Cow’s milk might have been a big part of people’s lives up to this point, so it’s understandably hard to say goodbye, even if we want to. But just because someone, or something, is familiar doesn’t mean it’s right or good for you anymore.”

Health Benefits Of Alternative Milks

If you’re thinking of switching to alternative milks, here are some of the health benefits of popular alternative milks: 

Oat Milk Health Benefits

Oat milk is packed with plenty of health benefits including:

  • Vitamin B

  • High source of fibre

  • Can reduce cholesterol

  • Can reduce your risk of heart disease

  • Zero saturated fats

  • High source of protein

 Soy Milk Health Benefits

Soy milk can help with a range of issues including:

  • Help to minimise the effects of aging 

  • Can help alleviate menopausal symptoms 

  • Strong source of protein

  • Can support heart health 

Almond Milk Health Benefits

The popular nut milk has some key health benefits including:

  • Great source of magnesium 

  • Rich in antioxidant Vitamin E

  • Great for bone health 

  • Low in calories and carbs