Minnesota Vikings play leapfrog in hilarious touchdown celebration

Kelsey Driscoll, AOL.com

The Minnesota Vikings are currently the team to watch -- if what you want to watch is grown men playing children's games on a football field. 

The Vikings are capitalizing on the NFL's relaxed touchdown celebration rules this season. Earlier this year, tight end Kyle Rudolph and his teammates staged a game of 'duck, duck, goose' after a score against the Bears, but they may have outdone themselves on Sunday. 

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After a touchdown by Adam Thielen against Washington in Week 10, the Vikings dropped to the ground for a round of leapfrog in the end zone. 

The hilarious celebration instantly jumped to the top of this season's touchdown celebrations, which also include a round of hide-and-seek by the Steelers and a few games of baseball from the Eagles. 

You can see more of the year's best celebrations below: