Minx EP Paul Feig Talks Adding Doug’s Ex-Wife in Potential Season 3: ‘We Love Dropping Seeds’

This post contains spoilers for Minx’s Season 2 finale.

Once you’re done reeling from the betrayal that marked Minx’s Season 2 finale — Doug, how could you?! — how about a little discussion about a potential Season 3?

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Though the Starz comedy has not yet secured a renewal, we couldn’t help but ask executive producer Paul Feig about a couple of characters who were name-dropped during Season 2: Doug’s ex-wife and Joyce and Shelly’s mother. Might discussion of these two women, who doubtless have juicy stories to share about characters we know and love, herald their arrival in upcoming episodes?

“I mean, in television, you never put something in unless it’s going to come back later or you’re going to have something for it,” Feig said, smiling cagily. “And we love dropping seeds.”

He referenced his 1999-2000 NBC comedy. “It’s like back on Freaks and Geeks. It’s so much fun to set an expectation of what somebody’s life is, and then once everybody’s settled into that, go like, ‘Oh, but here’s something you didn’t know that you didn’t expect. I think it keeps everybody fresh and excited.”

Minx Season 2 ended with a few shocking revelations. Constance promoted Doug to head of a new company, Papadopolous Renetti Global, and hinted that Joyce would be an inconsequential force moving forward. Joyce realized that Constance was pretty much the worst and ran to the printer to publish an issue featuring Richie’s bathhouse shoot, which Constance had nixed. The move was tantamount to going to war against her own magazine, Joyce realized, but she did it anyway. And in the episode’s final moments, we learned that Doug and Constance are sleeping together. (Read a full recap.)

Would you like to meet Joyce’s mom and/or Doug’s ex in a potential Season 3 of Minx? Sound off in the comments!

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