'Miracle on Twitter street': Social media helps reconnect long lost childhood 'best friends'

Brianna Cry and Heidi Tran. Image via Twitter.

Twitter is rejoicing after two childhood friends were reunited in what can only be described as a Thanksgiving miracle.

Nineteen-year-old Brianna Cry was flipping through her childhood photographs while celebrating the American holiday when she came across a picture taken during a 2006 family vacation.

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In the photo, seven-year-old Cry smiles while sitting beside a girl she met during a dinner cruise in Hawaii. Although the two never saw each other again, Cry decided to tap into the powers of the internet to see if the childhood pals could be reunited.

“I thought, Let’s see if Twitter can find her for me,” Cry said in an interview with Teen Vogue. “I don’t think there were many kids our age on this particular dinner cruise, so we found each other and stuck together the whole time.”

Cry shared a photo of herself and her dinner companion and headed to bed. By the time she woke up — her tweet had gone viral.

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Cry told reporters she was “shocked” by the response and jokingly took to Twitter to test out its powers once more.

“Umm this was at 9 retweets when I fell asleep.. Sooo I’m looking for a husband as well so y’all can try to find him too while y’all search for girly. Thanks,” she wrote.

In less than a day, the mystery was solved and Heidi “Heii” Tran had been identified after several of her classmates came across the now-viral photo.

“They directed me towards Twitter, and…I was blown away by the response Bri had gotten,” Tran said. “I didn’t think so many people would be invested in a story like this.”

The pair began messaging on Twitter, and despite living on opposite sides of the country, are hoping to catch up in person soon.

Thousands of people have invested in the story of two girls who met by chance during a vacation, and lived only in each other’s memories and family scrapbooks.

Now whenever someone tells me how bad social media is I’ll just show them this,” one person wrote to the girls. 

Brianna Cry. Image via Twitter/BriannaCry.

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“Miracle on Twitter Street,” another woman said. “I can’t believe this.”

“Well done Twitter! This makes me smile!” Another replied. “Hope you all share memories and are able to connect now that you have found each other after 12 years.

While both young women are overwhelmed by the attention, they say the response has shown them that the internet can be used for good.

The moment has given me the opportunity to talk with a lot of people and reconnect with some old friends,” Tran said. “I’m eternally grateful for that.”

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