Mitch Marner silencing doubters with career-best season

Mitch Marner could still hit the 40-goal mark before the NHL regular season is done and after a divisive contract negotiation in 2019 and an underwhelming postseason last year, the Maple Leafs star is performing at a level and consistency Toronto's fans haven't seen before.

Video Transcript

- Mitch freaking Marner has arrived. And he's literally having the best season of his career by far. I remember back when the contract thing-- and yes, the contract was, I think, the big divide when it came to Marner.

Me personally, I always found it odd that we're paying him double digits and he hasn't been able to hit 30 goals yet. I mean, playmaking is one thing, but you have to be able to score if you're making that type of money. And he's literally walking all over that criticism this year, scoring his 34th.

And literally-- and not-- no, no hyperbole, 40 goals is within reach for Marner. I mean, six goals in six games? He's done it before. I'm pretty sure he can do it.

And just like overall, what he's been doing, though, the electricity, the magic, the ease. Hey, he even got Matt Barzal fined. That's a joke. He did not get Matt Barzal fined.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, the last game, Matt Barzal held on to his jersey as Marner was about to skate away and he got fined, like, $2,500 or something like that for unsportsmanlike conduct. Islander fans, it was not because Marner said he should be fined. It was a joke.

If the Leafs legitimately had control over what Player Safety could and could not do, there would be a lot more fines and suspensions going around. The Leafs have been complaining about that for a while. Anyway, but Marner, what he's doing this year has been incredible.

And I think, like, all of us, we're all waiting to see what's going to happen in May. Because last year, he probably had the most criticism when it came to scoring and production. And if he brings the production he's had this regular season to the playoffs, then, man, this team looks good.

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