Model shamed for leaving home without her newborn

Megan Gale steps out with footballer boyfriend Shaun Hampson.  (Image via Instagram/@MeganGale)

Australian model Megan Gale has whipped back at critics who grilled her for having a child-free date night, days after giving birth.

In an Instagram post, the fashion star celebrates a “quick dinner date” with her partner, while daughters River, 3, and 12-day-old Rosie, were in the care of their grandmothers.

“With about 10 mins to get ready my man and I are out for a quick dinner date,” Gale wrote in the original post. “Missing our babies but SO important for parents to have some couple time when/if they can grab it.”


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It wasn’t long before onlookers policed the model for leaving her newborn’s side, as evident in a long edit she made to the post.

“Edit: For sure we have to devote the majority of our time to our kids. However, IF it can be managed well, stealing an hour or two, here and there as a couple or an individual is a ‘win’ for parents,” she wrote beneath her original post. “In this instance, we had left Rosie with my very experienced and capable mum after I had bathed, dressed, fed her and put her down plus I’d expressed enough milk for two feeds just in case.”

Despite it being, well, nobody’s business — the model broke down her schedule proving that even in absence, her daughters come first.

“At the moment [Rosie] sleeps for 4-5 hours and then feeds again so we knew we had more than enough time for a one-hour dinner, which was three minutes from our house. And last night was no exception, she slept from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.”

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The mother-of-two explains how she came to value her “alone time” as a crucial part parenting.

“With River I barely left the house for the first six weeks, out of fear, out of guilt and I lost a little part of myself and also developed what I now feel was a mild case of postnatal depression. If you’ve ensured your child is well looked after in your absence, then there is nothing wrong with some alone time as a couple or as an individual. You’ll be happier people for it and more importantly, better parents,” she added, but not without a word for the haters.”

“Oh and to the ignorant, judgmental people projecting negativity on my page, it delights me to inform you that I block and delete instantly. No room for that crap here – this is a place of love and peace. Your comments don’t upset me, they just make me smile and make you look nasty.”

Right on, sis!

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