Model shares tricks that 'change' your body shape for Instagram

<i>Image via Instagram/stephclairesmith</i>
Image via Instagram/stephclairesmith

Australian model Steph Claire Smith has revealed how fitness influencers achieve “body transformations” in a matter of seconds.

Smith, who captured herself in the exact same gym gear, posed to show how her body changes shape with certain lighting and different angles.

“Just a little insta vs. reality reminder for you all,” wrote the 24-year-old on Instagram.

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“Sure I look fine in both pictures of course, but remember that lighting, angles and posing can make the world of difference sometimes,” she wrote alongside the images.

“We all do it and that’s OK. But for those of you who constantly look at what’s on Instagram and compare your lives to what you see. Don’t.”

“We all put up some sort of shield before sharing things with others, and that’s OK,” she continued. “But I think anyone with a certain amount of following should remember it’s important to be real and relatable … and show that life isn’t always as perfectly put together as we post it to be on our feeds.”

Yesterday at @sundaybeachclub shooting for @midnightco @josh.a.miller

A post shared by Steph Smith (@stephclairesmith) on Mar 25, 2018 at 3:40pm PDT

With more than 40,000 likes, it’s clear to see the post is resonating with many.

“This is important to remember! Instagram is not real life, usually just the most prettiest moments,” one person wrote.

“Nailed it! Love #realposts like this,” another added.

Smith, who is an advocate for self-acceptance encourages her community with body comparison images shared throughout her social media accounts.

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