Mom blows TikTok’s mind with her dishwasher cleaning tips: ‘Excuse me, what?’

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Did you know it’s recommended to clean your dishwasher filter after every load? Neither did most people until they saw this TikTok cleaning hack!

TikToker Noell Jett (@jettsetfarmhouse) is an influencer, busy parent, and lifehack connoisseur who recently shared a video demonstrating the proper way to clean a dishwasher, and viewers are stunned!

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The clip begins with a shot of the dishwasher filter being removed to reveal a gross build-up of old food scraps and grime. For those not in the know, dishwasher filters prevent soggy old food from getting on freshly cleaned dishes or clogging the drain. 

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While Jett acknowledges that cleaning the filter every day may seem like a lot of work, she recommends washing it at least once a week. “It’s also important to remember to clean your dishwasher about every two months,” Jett notes over footage of her rigorously scrubbing the filter. 

Once she’s removed the filter, Jett continues the dishwasher cleaning process by placing a dishwasher-safe bowl filled with vinegar on the top shelf of the dishwasher and running it on the hottest cycle. While the dishwasher is running, she gives the filter a deep clean in the sink with dish soap and a brush.

After the dishwashing cycle is complete, Jett removes the vinegar, and then sprinkles the bottom of the dishwasher with baking soda. After running another hot cycle, Jett scrubs off any remaining grime inside the dishwasher. 

“Make sure you also check the opening around the door, as a lot of grime likes to build up there,” Jett notes before wiping everything clean. 

The video left many viewers bewildered, and many had no idea that dishwashers even had filters. 

“I’m irrationally angry about the fact that we should be cleaning all these cleaning machines,” commented one user. 

“Ummm, how many of you were today years old when you just discovered this?” inquired one viewer. 

“Listen, ma’am, you seem like a nice lady, but you need to stop finding things for me to clean,” another user joked. 

Considering all dishwashers have filters, Jett’s video is a tremendously helpful resource.

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