Mom confesses to secret DoorDash habit in super relatable TikTok

This mom on TikTok is not ashamed to admit her secret habit of ordering takeout, and other parents can totally relate.

Jay (@theonlymuvajai) is a parent, content creator, and life coach who posts clips of daily life with her partner and kids, as well as the occasional TikTok challenge. In one of Jay’s videos, she confesses to secretly getting takeout just for herself after telling her kids they’re not ordering out, and according to the comments, she’s not the only parent with a sneaky habit.

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“What are some things that you do to your kids that you should be ashamed of, but you’re not?” Jay asks at the beginning of the clip.

“I’ll go first,” she says, crossing her arms before explaining that when her kids ask if they can order out, she says “No.”

“But then, I have the DoorDash delivery driver bring it and meet me outside,” Jay admits, reaching for a French fry before continuing, “And then I sit outside in the car, and I eat it… away from them.”

She pops the fry in her mouth and looks up at the camera with a dazed and euphoric expression before slowly pressing her phone’s “stop recording” button.

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Jay’s video struck a chord with viewers, parents in particular, for its hilarious relatability.

“If there is a show we find annoying, we tell them it doesn’t work on the TV,” one user shared.

“I told my kids that the tooth fairy doesn’t work weekends or holidays because of union-approved strikes in the fifties,” joked one parent.

“I thought all parents did this? My mom did it to me (caught her), and [my wife and I] do it to our kids! It’s traditional at this time,” chimed in another parent.

Be it through secret DoorDash or a date night, all parents need a little me-time to recharge their childcare batteries.

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