Mom 'disgusted' after Instagram deletes photo of her daughter

Image via @lifewithwinter/Instagram

A mom who was grilled by onlookers after sharing a candid snap of her daughter says she’s shocked and upset to find the image was removed by Instagram.

The Australian mom, Jordyn Jones, posted the picture of her daughter, Winter, to the site and was met with hurtful comments about her daughter’s skin and harsh criticisms towards her parenting.

The image has since been deleted from @lifewithwinter/Instagram

“Have you heard of suncream? How about you start using it before your kid looks 40 at four,” one person posted.

“Horrible mother,” said another.

Speaking to, Jones said she was “disgusted” by the attack, and that she takes every measure to ensure her children and sun safe.

“There were people saying I was neglecting my child and opening her up to skin cancer. It’s very offensive,” she said.

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Following the scrutiny, Jones posted a follow up, explaining how she uses sunscreen on her children’s skin each day.

“My child’s skin is beautiful, I take all necessary measures to ensure her skin is protected and I wake up every dam [sic] day striving to be the best mother possible,” she wrote.

“If you don’t like my posts or our skin colour offends you please just unfollow.”

“I won’t post about last night’s events again because I don’t want to be putting negative energy into the world, but please realize I am a real person behind this account, I’m not a robot.”

“I have feelings and emotions and even though I have thick skin when it comes to trolls, degrading comments made about my children are not on.”

It was the morning after posting the first image of Winter that Jones discovered the photo had been removed from the site.

“Before I went to bed, I had a few people message me asking if it was appropriate,” Jones said.

“You couldn’t see any parts of her, it was a side profile. The next morning after getting kids ready, I opened my Instagram with my coffee and there was a notification that the photo had been removed because it breaches guidelines.”

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“I screenshotted the removal notification and put on my story. That’s when a handful of people got in touch and said they’d reported the photo.”

“I was appalled and emailed the Instagram email but have not yet received a reply.”

While Jones has yet to hear back from Instagram, it is believed the user complaints were more likely to be about the child’s nudity.

According to Instagram guidelines, the social media platform “may remove images that show nude or partially-nude children” as even when the “content is shared with good intentions, it could be used by others in unanticipated ways.”

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