Mom does 'amazing job' growing all of daughter's wedding flowers: 'What an act of love'

A bride made a joke about her mom growing her wedding flowers. But her mom took the request very seriously.

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TikToker Grace Mandeville praised her mom for growing all of her sister Amelia Mandeville’s wedding flowers despite never having gardened before. Grace shared what the massive undertaking looked like before and after. Despite the inexperience, the Mandeville mom got pro results.

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“A year ago my sister Amelia Mandeville made a joke asking my mum to grow her wedding flowers (seeing as we have such a big garden),” the caption read.

“With absolutely no experience (I don’t think she had ever grown a flower before) my mum set to it and my god did she do an amazing job!”

The mom built an entire flower garden from scratch. It wasn’t a small one, either. What started as a scrappy project ended with dozens of different kinds of flowers. The foliage covered the once bare land in flower pots and planters, big and small. Plenty of flowers covered the shabby-chic barnyard wedding, and they looked beautiful.

“Honestly she had never done it before so a lot was trial and error,” Grace explained. “She was really worried that they’d all die before the wedding so just kept drying loads and loads of them so she had dried flowers as backup (less pressure). And that’s what you see in the barn above my sister’s head.”

TikTokers applauded the mother’s effort and care.

“What an act of love and now a treasured memory,” a person said.

“Amazing tastes, technique, and sooooooo much love,” another commented.

“Wow what an amazing mum! The things mothers do for us,” a TikToker replied.

“A friend did this and we all had a little plant as a wedding favour, so cute!” someone added.

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