Mom hilariously reads daughter’s misspelled story aloud: ‘Shakespeare could never’

When kids are still learning to read and write, they can concoct some interesting tales.

TikTok mom Gaby Mitchell has created a whole series out of her little girl’s stories. Her daughter is still in the phase where she is sounding words out and figuring out how to spell.

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But that hasn’t stopped the kid’s imagination one bit. Mitchell’s daughter is a prolific writer. In her shaky children’s handwriting, she writes silly stories and illustrates them too.

Mitchell likes to share her daughter’s stories by reading them aloud phonetically as they are written.

“I ws kmpeing. I was pooting my tent,” Mitchell read dramatically. “I strdid to brushing my teth and I feluslep. I hrd a gral. It wus a wof. I slep ugen. Godnit.”

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The grownup translation is: “I was camping. I was putting up my tent. I started brushing my teeth, and I fell asleep. I heard a growl. It was a wolf. I slept again. Goodnight.”

The story also featured Mitchell’s daughter’s artwork of a wolf, a tent and a campfire.

The funny video racked up 1.9 million views on TikTok.

“Shakespeare could never,” a user wrote.

“I’m a kindergarten teacher. That’s actually really great phonetic writing!” another said.

“How can I make this my ringtone?” someone joked.

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