Mom’s homemade Uncrustables are a brilliant money-saving snack hack

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A clever mom has gone viral for making her own tasty Uncrustables, and parents everywhere think it’s brilliant!

Mom and TikToker, Ayla Jalyn (@aylajalyn), set out to help parents save grocery money when she shared her personal recipe for homemade Uncrustables — and since then, her video has over 8M views.

As Ayla demonstrates in her video, making your own Uncrustables couldn’t be easier.

Begin with one slice of white bread, and cut off the crusts. Next, create a centerline by gently scoring it with a knife (don’t actually slice through it).

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Once that’s done, spread your preferred peanut butter and jelly, then fold the bread along that centerline.

Next, gently press the sandwich, crimp the edges with a fork – and that’s it!

Now your little ones can enjoy their PB&J without any drips or messes, and you can enjoy knowing you saved money!

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Thousands of TikTokers praised this mom’s snack hack in the comments

TikTokers were quick to hop in Ayla’s comment section and praise her money-saving hack.

“This is how parents save MONEY!!” one user excitedly wrote.

“I just made one, and it’s 10:00 at night,” laughed one user.

Some TikTokers built upon Ayla’s hack with their own helpful suggestions. “Put it in the freezer, and when he wants it, put it in the microwave,” one user wrote.

Thanks to clever food hacks like this one and social media connectivity, little ones are enjoying innovative and money-saving snacks worldwide!

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