Why this mom isn't rushing to get her pre-baby body back

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It seems like every time a celebrity gives birth, she bounces back to her perfectly taut body with no problems at all — and seemingly within days. New moms everywhere are under pressure to do the same, showing off six pack abs three months after their child is born.

But one new mom is swinging back at the notion that all moms should be working hard to lose their baby weight as soon as possible.

Fitness blogger Ashlie Molstad is speaking out about the pressure to get fit after having a baby. She recently shared an intimate photo of herself and her daughter just nine days postpartum, reminding her followers that a woman’s body is so much more than how it looks.

“I get the temptation to feel like you should get your body back ASAP, or even that you should at least start working on it. But let me remind you that you birthed another human,” she wrote. “They’re here to bring new life into this world, or to be used as a vessel to get through life – making memories, enjoying good food, hugging loved ones, adventuring around this planet and so many other things.”

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The blogger says she understands the pressure to get back to losing weight, but admits that despite all of social media telling her she should be ashamed, she feels the complete opposite.

“I know I’m supposed to feel ashamed of this post-baby body, because it’s marked up and bigger than it was before. But I don’t. I feel proud AF. Because this body gave me this girl. This body was my baby’s home for nine months. And now this body is providing sustenance for that little one, while simultaneously healing from a major surgery that brought her into this world,” wrote Molstad. “Get my body back? Bullshit. My body didn’t go anywhere. In fact, it just did arguably the most important and coolest thing it’s ever done… So rather than feel ashamed over the extra fat it gained these last nine months, I’m going to celebrate it.”

With more than 21,000 likes and 1,200 comments, Molstad’s followers were quick to thank the fitness blogger.

“An awesome reminder. I am 36 weeks pregnant and have tried to not be hard on myself for exactly these reasons but today a doctor made a comment about weight gain and it sat wrong with me. On my drive home I almost let myself feel ashamed, but then little man wiggled and reminded me what it’s all about. You are beautiful, motherhood suits you well,” posted one reader.

“I absolutely love this! I have struggled for so so long with thinking about getting my body back after my babies and I should be nothing more than grateful and proud that it gave me three beautiful babies! Thank you so much for sharing!” commented another.

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Molstad recently shared a reminder to her followers of power of positive thinking. She began by sharing what she considered her “unattractive” features such as her large calves, belly jelly and acne scars. Followers were delighted to see how the mom of one quickly changed her tone, describing why she loves those very same features she once dreaded.

“I have strong legs that are capable of taking me anywhere I need to go, and have walked me across several half marathon finish lines,” she wrote. “My stomach might be soft, but it was the home for my daughter for her first nine months. It is the place that my deepest belly laughs come from… my face does have scars, but my skin isn’t the only thing that determines my beauty.”

As always, Molstad wraps up her post in a positive fashion, reminding her followers that how we speak internally determines how we feel about ourselves.

“Don’t ever forget my loves that your value isn’t in the circumference of your thighs, the softness of your belly, the marks on your body… your value is infinite. You don’t have to change your body, you just need to change your thoughts.”

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