Mom pens song for breastfeeding parents struggling with milk supply: ‘This made me cry’

Breastfeeding is a normal biological function. But that doesn’t mean it comes easily to every nursing parent.

August is National Breastfeeding Month and the perfect time to confront the unfair notions, expectations and misconceptions about breastfeeding. Many wonder why mothers and parents can’t just breastfeed or pump as the formula shortage lingers.

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According to National Geographic, many women cannot produce enough milk to regularly feed their infants. Meanwhile, parents and healthcare providers remain under-educated about how breastfeeding changes throughout the baby’s development. Needless to say, nursing is culturally confusing and physically taxing.

TikToker @shykateewiththetea penned a song to show her support for parents struggling with pumping.

“I get so sad seeing all of us out here discouraged because our milk doesnt look like the next!” the mother said. “Everyones body is different, every baby’s needs are different, so your supply will be different! Please dont be so hard on yourself.”

The TikToker advised those struggling to sing along with her:

“My boobs are boobing how they’re supposed to boob/

I’m not gonna worry ’bout nobody else milk/

‘Cause my baby gonna get fed /

Whether 1-ounce, 2-ounce, 3-ounce, 4 /

Whatever Dr. Seuss said /

So I’mma pump what I pump /

I’mma store what I store /

When my baby gets bigger I will produce more /

And I know moving forward that this is true: that how much I pump does not determine my value.”

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The inspirational song was a certified bop on TikTok.

“This made me cry. I stopped pumping a month ago and switched to formula but me from the past needed to hear this. Thank you,” a user commented.

“My baby girl is 1 week and I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged. I needed this!” another wrote.

“Love this. Gotta be glad you can produce anything in these times,” a TikToker said.

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