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Mom highlights the beauty in the struggle of exclusively pumping breastmilk

“This is for the mom who always dreamed of nursing but couldn’t.”
Photo credit: Images by Charity.

Mom’s photoshoot shows the 'beauty in the struggle' of pumping

All photo courtesy of Charity Williams at Images By Charity.

For some mothers, feeding a baby might mean having them latched to a breast. For others, it’s finding a formula that both they can trust and bub won’t reject. But for Jaque Hines and many others like her, feeding her baby means pumping an unfathomable amount of breast milk into a bottle to keep her baby nourished.

Whatever the method, there’s no easy way to feed an infant. That’s why Hines has dedicated a recent photoshoot to moms struggling at feed time in an uplifting yet brutally honest post.

“This is for the mom who always dreamed of nursing but couldn’t.
This is for the mom who’s feeling like 10min connected to the pump is an eternity.
This is for the mom on a first name basis with the lactation clinic staff.
This is for the mom who feels like she can’t leave the house because by the time she pumps, showers, changes the baby, feeds the baby, and takes the dogs out; it’s time to pump again,” Hines wrote.

The hard-hitting essay has already received thousands of likes and reactions on Facebook. Uncompromising, Hines captures the essence of feeding struggles having suffered difficulties herself.

“This is for the mom who didn’t know she had a blister on her nipple, now frantically Googling if she can give her baby milk that has blood in it,” she wrote.

In an interview with Scary Mommy, the young woman reveals she ceased breastfeeding after months of enduring an excruciating latch. Through the help of an online support group, Hines found the confidence to exclusively pump her breast milk — but that wasn’t the end of her milking woes.

“This is for the mom pumping in her car wishing she had tinted windows.
This is for the mom who absolutely has to try that oatmeal stout beer because it might be the secret to opening the flood gates but really it’s just to have SOMETHING for herself.
This is for the mom who is pumping in the break room, embarrassed by the sound of the pump.
This is for the mom who is in the spare room during the holidays: pumping and listening to everyone else making memories,” Hines continues.

But even after her vivid account, Hines finds a way to end her post on a high note. She reminds moms everywhere their efforts are noticed and their pain translates into love.

“Whether you’ve been pumping for 10 minutes or 10 months. CELEBRATE your journey. Know that you’re beautiful, know that pumping is beautiful, know that you’re doing your best, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, know that; no matter what, YOUR BABY LOVES YOU!!!!” she wrote.

“What we selflessly do for our babies IS BEAUTIFUL. Your labour of love does NOT go unnoticed because when we see our babies THRIVE, we know it was ALL so so WORTH it.”

Read the full post here and click through the gallery for Hines’ incredible photo collection.

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